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1227Fw: Dennis Herr in the hospital

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  • Deb Pero
    Feb 18, 2006
      forwarding this message to the HR List.. many of you know Dennis - please
      keep him in your thoughts and prayers...


      Dennis Herr was in a serious bike accident last evening near his home in
      Harrisonburg, VA and was flown to UVA Medical Center here in Charlottesvi=
      where he remains in the surgical ICU unit in critical, but stable, condit=
      ion. I
      spoke with Dennis' son Dana, who Iives in C'Ville and who I know through =
      my job
      as a school counselor (he is a social worker). Dana expressed his gratitu=
      de for
      our support and would like as many as Dennis' running friends to know abo=
      this, as he is well aware of how much the running community means to Denn=
      is. If
      someone wants to post this on the big List, Dana said that would be fine.=
      family really needs and appreciates all our support and prayers.

      According to Dana, it is too early to know the extent of Dennis' injuries=
      that the doctors are encouraged that there has been no significant brain
      swelling since he arrived at UVA. Dana did say that "it is a miracle that=
      he is
      alive" and that it will be a long recovery. If anyone would like to send =
      a note
      to Dennis in care of his family, you can send them to:

      Dana Herr
      121 Oak Forest Circle
      Charlottesville, VA 22901

      Take good care out there,