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1222Hardrock Lottery

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  • Dale Garland
    Feb 5, 2006
      Hi Everyone,
      I guess we could call today the "Agony and the Ecstasy" A record number
      of qualified entries meant that the Hardrock Hundred Run Committee had a lot
      of work to do when we gathered this morning. If you haven't seen the results,
      they are posted on our homepage (thanks Blake Wood and Andrea Feucht for
      getting this together in such a timely fashion!).
      Congratulations to all of you who were selected, we look forward to
      seeing you in July. If you ended up on the wait list there are some options
      for you.
      a. It costs you nothing to remain on the wait list. We will hold your
      check and move you up as spots become available. In the past, those in the top
      25-30 were either able to secure a spot in the run or come very close (sorry I
      can't be more specific). Under current Hardrock entry policy, everyone who is
      on the wait list and doesn't get a chance to run this year will get an
      additional entry ticket if you apply for the 2007 Hardrock.
      b. If you would like us to remove you from the wait list please let us
      know. Unless otherwise requested, we will destroy your check and application
      upon you telling us that you would like to be removed.
      We will make regular updates to the accepted runners and wait list.
      Please check our homepage regularly.
      If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

      Dale Garland
      Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run
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