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120[hr100] Re: Night Light Choices : 135 grams

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  • Carl & Sally Yates
    Mar 20, 2000
      Sounds similar to the Eternal Light available from Technology Associates Inc. (www.TECHASS.com)
      Reno NV 89503. New model $69 in nice shock resistant waterproof case with a lanyard. Also have a Starknife with 1 diode mounted in a neat little knife that will last 12 hrs. and plenty of emergency lighting for $12.95. Hard to believe these f you haven't used them. I used the old Eternal Light at HR last year. Unfortunately only one night. I tried to charge the batteries after but they were still fully charged. Carl
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      From: Hans-Dieter Weisshaar <HD.WEISSHAAR@...>
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      Date: Monday, March 20, 2000 1:39 AM
      Subject: [hr100] Re: Night Light Choices : 135 grams

      Hi Hardrockers, esp. Jennifer,

      in Germany there ist a small flashlight available using a very new technique: not colored, but white diodes (Dioden), invented by the Fraunhofer Society (a public research organisation). With three AA batteries it is lightening for at least 17 days (I repeat 17 days) uninterrupted. Forget all about flashlight-troubles, spare batteries, standing in dark and rain at the Superior Trail.... I used it during RR and afterwards often running in Germany at night: still the original set of batteries. Total weight including batteries: 135 (european) grams.Here it costs 70 German Marks (about 35 US bucks - bugs).
      It is called LUCIDO cool light Lightwave. Try www.longlight.com (I didn't check this website), which is printed on the flashlight outside. It also can be easily mounted to a small headring and used as headlamp. I used this lamp with a wristband. It became a part of my hand after hours running.

      It is not that light (not the strongest beam) as the big 3 batteries Maclite, but I found it fully sufficient. I will bring two of them to Umstead (one for Monica Scholz, CAN), maybe some of you are there for testing it.


      GRoachHigh@... schrieb:

      What have racers and pacers used in the past for flashlights and headlamps at
      Hardrock? I'd be interested to know what throws the longest and strongest

      I intended to not use a headlamp and just hand carry lights, preferably with
      a wrist loop.

      Suggestions are welcome here.

      Jennifer Roach
      Boulder, CO.

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