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11[hr100] Re: Food at Hardrock

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  • Herr, Dennis B.
    Feb 11, 2000
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      > A suggestion for this year's course: String up a handline for that slimey
      > one-log crossing of Cottonwood Creek at Cataract Gulch (one line on each
      > side
      > would be even better) Two people slipped off that log last year and took a
      > dunking. That creek runs swiftly and can be dangerous.
      No way! This is Hardrock. If we start to dummy-down the
      course, where does it end? What's next - a guardrail along
      Bear Creek, Ouray or helium ballons to make the climbs
      easier? Participants should rely more on their own ingenuity
      and less on the race organization to safely and successfully
      negotiate the challenges of the course.

      Dennis Herr
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