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1040RE: [hr100] pacing

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  • Matt Mahoney
    May 13, 2005
      --- "Maslanka, Bozena (SC)" <bmaslank@...> wrote:
      > I did Western States and HRH same year and I live at sea level.

      I did too, in 1998, and the result was 51:38. Looking back, I think that 9
      days acclimation was not enough. I was barely on 48 hour pace before I got
      lost. I drove from Squaw Valley to Silverton with 3 overnights at low
      elevation (Squaw, Great Basin and Zion). Otherwise I recovered OK frmo WS.
      The leg stiffness was about gone by the time I reached Silverton. I held
      back at WS knowing Hardrock was coming and finished in 31:54 (snow year).

      Anyway if your pacer has finished HURT I would not worry so much about
      being able to keep up with you for the last 25 miles when you won't be
      moving fast. (I assume that's where you will want a pacer). Given the
      recent weather your pacer will probably get snow experience at WS too, like
      it or not.

      Don't worry whether your pacer knows the route from Chapman to Silveron.
      You are the one that needs to know it, just in case your pacer doesn't show
      up, isn't able to run, or can't keep up for some reason. Plans can change
      at the last minute. You must be prepared to abandon your pacer in a remote
      area if needed. I have done it, and had it done to me. You have cutoffs
      to make. You are not expected to wait for your pacer.

      BTW, anyone know course conditions? I'm expecting that Grant-Swamp will be
      solid 45 deg. snow and the two crossings of S. Mineral are hip or waist
      deep and flowing fast.

      -- Matt Mahoney, matmahoney@...
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