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  • Jon MacManus
    Jan 28, 2005
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      Memoirs from Jon MacManus, a member of the Hardrock family:

      This morning I left my home in Salida, Colorado, with Tom Sobal at 7:00
      am, dropping him off at the Mt Elbert Lodge near Twin Lakes where he did
      a snowshoe clinic for the Lodge guests. I proceeded north toward
      Leadville en route to Denver. At the Cloud City Coffee Shop, I was
      delighted to see that unforgettable smile of Lisa Richardson also
      getting a cup to go. You know Lisa, the Hardrock poster girl and aid
      station co-coordinator. I spent the rest of the trip trying to visualize
      the logistics of what she does.

      OK. All you tough guys front runners or just finishers think about this.
      From now until Hardrock spend your evenings strategizing over your
      Hardrock maps about volunteers, communications, supplies and how to get
      everyone to the right place at the right time. In you spare time you can
      go out for a training run. As the race day nears the job gets more
      intense as the shopping begins and the volunteers call to bail. The
      training runs are probably out of the question at this stage but you
      should be trained up already.

      The day before the race the sorting and coordinating reaches fever pitch
      as the runners should all be checked in and Silverton is buzzing like a
      nest of hornets ready to swarm. First to wake up attending to the last
      minute details doesn't give one much chance to think about the run game
      plan. But in spite of lack of training and sleep, you are at the start
      line at 5:50 am ready to run.

      We all know what the run is like so I will not reiterate. After the run,
      when we are heading for a shower or the bed, No some people are still
      out on the course including a bunch of volunteer. Better get down to
      Cunningham to make sure things are going ok.

      Finally the race is over and the crews are all coming into town with a
      remnant of supplies and a truck load of equipment that needs to get
      back to whomever loaned it to us. No time to think about that because,
      you are the "Master of Ceremony". After passing out 60 - 80 Hardrock
      diplomas and saying goodbye to all of the family for another year, it's
      now time to re-organize and deal with the aftermath. Oh yeah! How could
      I forget, the hardest part, the smile. Lisa does all this with that
      famous grin.

      And we think that training for and running Hardrock is a great feat.
      just try it Lisa's way.

      As I sat in my car on the way to Denver this morning, I realize how much
      we owe this lady and how truly incredible what she does, is.

      Thank you Lisa and thanks to all the supporting staff of the Hardrock
      Hundred, the best organized and coolest 100 of'm all.

      Jon MacManus

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