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1001Hardrock Entries

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  • Dale Garland
    Jan 13, 2005
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      The good news is we are getting a lot of snow, the bad news is we are
      getting a lot of snow. So much in fact that the much ballyhooed "No Rain , no
      sleet ...." mantra of the USPS has been proven wrong.
      Silverton has been isolated from the rest of the world but snow slides
      on both Molas and Red Mountain passes. We have not received mail during that
      time. I don't expect to update the entries received list on our website until
      the middle of next week. If you have sent you application in anytime after
      January 4th, it may be still en route to Silverton and our office.
      Thanks for your patience!

      Dale Garland and the rest of the Hardrock crew
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