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100[hr100] Re: trail shoe crampons

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  • John Cappis
    Mar 8, 2000

      I have found the discussion about trail shoe crampons to be very
      interesting. I have never worn crampons during the Hardrock, but have
      used them on other runs. The crampons I used were the old style 12
      point with leather straps to hold them on. They were hinged in the
      middle and by taking them apart at the hinge, I had a nice four point
      heel crampon that stayed on my shoe well. One problem was if there was
      any wet snow on the course it balled up in the crampon and pretty soon
      I was on high heels that were very slick. Great fun for glissading, but
      spooky on the steep stuff where you really wanted to stay attached.

      The last three years, the snow level on the course has been down.
      Before that, we had one year running in the counter clockwise direction
      where there was so much snow and ice from below the Virginius Mine to
      Virginius Pass that the course was routed off the road and steps had to
      be cut for about a mile.

      My advice, if you have some crampons you can try and will feel
      comfortable with, bring them along. Whether you will want to use them
      or not is dependent on what mother nature does to us between now and
      then as far as snow fall, wind, melting and freezing and who knows what
      else. I wouldn't wait until run day to see if they are going to work
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