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Tell-Tale Horrors Radio Show

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  • unca_cthulhu
    OMIGOD, I FINALLY GOT THE TAPE!!!! I m sorry to shout, but I ve been waiting to hear it since Halloween. Folks, it was worth the wait! Oh,
    Message 1 of 2129 , Jan 1, 1999
      OMIGOD, I FINALLY GOT THE TAPE!!!!<br><br>I'm
      sorry to shout, but I've been waiting to hear it since
      Halloween.<br><br>Folks, it was worth the wait!<br><br>Oh, for them's as
      doesn't know, check message #363 for a quick
      precis.<br><br><br>Are you back? Then I'll continue.<br><br>Anyway, WOW!
      Gotta go back and finish listening. So far, 'The
      Outsider' is good. Wished they'd use a bit of incidental
      music and more sound effects, though. Oh, well, next
      year. And with Mindy, it can't help but be
      wonderful.<br><br>'The Damned Thing' turned out pretty good. An
      invisible monster works so well on radio.
      <lol><br><br>'Tell-Tale Heart', though. Oh, man! The music, the sound of
      the heart, and Nicole's performance... jeepers, I
      still don't believe I KNOW people this talented. Much
      less actually get to WORK with them.<br><br>Now, if we
      could only get PAID to do this stuff. *lol*<br><br>If
      anyone wants copies, I'd be more than happy to
      distribute. I can't charge for the show, as it was done
      through Flagler College. As long as I get something to
      cover the cost of the cassette tape, I'm cool. If I can
      figure how to post it on my site, in an MP3 format or
      something, I will. It's beyond my current knowledge level,
      but we'll see.<br><br>So, Happy New Year to all.
      Looking forward to more discussions and stuff. I won't
      promise to lay off the puns completely, though.
      <eg><br><br>Back to the tape. Just 'Sleepy Hollow' and 'The Raven'
      to go.
    • ovidbrazil
      Uholyjason, I completely understand your connexion to the Lovecraftian/Sumerian/Babylonian current of magick. I myself am a practitioner of Lovecraftian
      Message 2129 of 2129 , Mar 13, 2002

        I completely understand your connexion to the
        Lovecraftian/Sumerian/Babylonian current of magick. I myself am a
        practitioner of Lovecraftian Magick.

        The Simon Necronomicon actually does hold authentic
        Babylonian/Sumerian references within it, but alas, that was because
        the person who wrote it (His name escapes me at the moment, but I am
        fairly sure that he was the owner of the Magickal Childe [?]
        bookstore in NYC) wrote the fake grimoire with precisely that in mind.
        At any rate, yes, the Simon Necronomicon as well as all of the other
        purported Necronomicon are indeed not legitimate grimoires as far as
        they claim themselves to be. That is, they are not the Necronomicon
        as put forth in HPL's works, but that does not make them any less
        magickally valid.

        If you have not already and would like some good resources on
        Lovecraftian magick you should visit the Old One's Sanctuary
        http://www.stormloader.com/sanctuary . Unfortunately, you cannot
        download or copy any of their texts but if you really want them I
        have a way to procure them for you.



        --- In hplovecraft@y..., unholyjason wrote:
        > While I understand that many disagree on the
        > validity of the Ed Simon "Necro", REGARDLESS,<br>whether
        > one considers it factual or fiction, I believe that
        > the careful comparisons made in the forward between
        > Lovecraft, Crowley, and Sumerian Lore make it worth the
        > $5.99 that one would have to pay to check it out,
        > therefore, I would hardly consider it "junk".<br>If nothing
        > else, one might use it as an appendix to the Cthulhu
        > mythos.<br>So I have to humbly disagree on that
        > respect...<br>...it's not exactly "junk", HOWEVER you look at
        > it...<br><br>"Oderint dum metuant"<br>~Jason~
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