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6427Thanks To Everyone - Over One Million CthulhuWho1 Views!

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  • Will Hart
    Oct 23, 2013

      A Grand and Happy Greeting to All Lovecraftians!


         Thanks to Everyone that has followed my links over the last four years, as of Wednesday, 23-October-2013, at 4:40 p.m. Pacific Daylight Saving Time, the CthulhuWho1 Audio, Document, Photo and Video web sites linked below have now been viewed together over One Million Times!


         The sole purpose of these CthulhuWho1 (William E. Hart) web sites has been to share every Lovecraft related item I can from my collections; even though I wasn't sure there would be much interest...


         Passing the One Million Views mark today has validated the time and effort I have put into the four years of uploads; and will encourage me to continue scanning, processing, and recording even more items for future postings!


         Thank You One and All for showing an interest in what I have to share!



         The CthulhuWho1 Lovecraft Flickr Collections (with over 3700 images) at:

          Have been viewed 862,452 times!

         The CthulhuWho1 blog at:


         Has been viewed 85,044 times!

         And The CthulhuWho1 YouTube Channel Videos at:


         Have been viewed 52,559 times!


         That's a grand total of 1,000,055 views!


         And the numbers are rising as I type these words!


                    Sincere Thanks from,

         a Very Happy "Old One" in Fullerton ,

                    William (Will) E. Hart

                     a.k.a. CthulhuWho1





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