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6424RE: H.P. Lovecraft's Complete Charles Dexter Ward Manuscript is Online!

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  • ericzann
    Sep 1, 2013
      I had a quick look, and what grabbed my attention was the interleaved (and upside-down!) scans of the letters to H P L, which might well prove even more fascinating than the manuscript itself. --- In hplovecraft@yahoogroups.com, <hopfrog@...> wrote: HOORAY!!!! Brilliant!
      On 8/30/2013 10:40 AM, Will Hart wrote:
      > Greetings to All Lovecraftians,
      > This is so good, I just had to share it!
      > I initially learned about this on Twitter, and just had to share what
      > I've seen since then.
      > The Brown Digital Repository of Brown University in Providence, now has
      > H. P. Lovecraft's entire manuscript for The Case of Charles Dexter Ward
      > scanned and on display for everyone to be able to enjoy.
      > From the main page, the manuscript can be viewed in a window that shows
      > about one-and-a-half pages at a time, and the window can easily be
      > scrolled
      > using the scroll bar below it; and if you scroll down the entire web page,
      > you'll find a "Portfolio View" mode, with three images (pages) on
      > display at
      > a time, or it can be viewed in a "Book View" mode, where you can see the
      > pages turning. And any page image may be downloaded from these display
      > modes.
      > And if you scroll even farther down the main web page, you also have an
      > option to jump directly to any page individually, where you can zoom-in to
      > an extremely detailed level.
      > These scans include Lovecraft's hand-written pages, as well as the backs
      > of every sheet of paper; so you see exactly what he was writing on,
      > and what
      > was originally written on the paper.
      > There are 296 image scans here that will keep you fascinated for a very
      > long time.
      > Please let me know what you discover within the manuscript that you
      > hadn't known before!
      > The Main Page for H. P. Lovecraft's, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward:
      > atasteforhorror@yahoogroups.com <mailto:atasteforhorror%40yahoogroups.com>
      > https://repository.library.brown.edu/studio/item/bdr:310436/
      > And if this manuscript isn't enough to keep you busy, check out the other
      > scanned Lovecraft items here:
      > https://repository.library.brown.edu/studio/search_results/?search_terms=sea
      > rch_terms%3ALovecraft
      > < https://repository.library.brown.edu/studio/search_results/?search_terms=se
      > arch_terms%3ALovecraft&scope=Search> &scope=Search
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