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6422H.P. Lovecraft's Complete Charles Dexter Ward Manuscript is Online!

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  • Will Hart
    Aug 30, 2013
      Greetings to All Lovecraftians,

      This is so good, I just had to share it!

      I initially learned about this on Twitter, and just had to share what
      I've seen since then.

      The Brown Digital Repository of Brown University in Providence, now has
      H. P. Lovecraft's entire manuscript for The Case of Charles Dexter Ward
      scanned and on display for everyone to be able to enjoy.

      From the main page, the manuscript can be viewed in a window that shows
      about one-and-a-half pages at a time, and the window can easily be scrolled
      using the scroll bar below it; and if you scroll down the entire web page,
      you'll find a "Portfolio View" mode, with three images (pages) on display at
      a time, or it can be viewed in a "Book View" mode, where you can see the
      pages turning. And any page image may be downloaded from these display

      And if you scroll even farther down the main web page, you also have an
      option to jump directly to any page individually, where you can zoom-in to
      an extremely detailed level.

      These scans include Lovecraft's hand-written pages, as well as the backs
      of every sheet of paper; so you see exactly what he was writing on, and what
      was originally written on the paper.

      There are 296 image scans here that will keep you fascinated for a very
      long time.

      Please let me know what you discover within the manuscript that you
      hadn't known before!

      The Main Page for H. P. Lovecraft's, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward:



      And if this manuscript isn't enough to keep you busy, check out the other
      scanned Lovecraft items here:

      arch_terms%3ALovecraft&scope=Search> &scope=Search

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