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6409Re: [HP Lovecraft] Next Lovecraftian Moot, London UK

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  • infowolf1
    Mar 31 7:00 PM
      no, I doubt that it is. If it is, it is because the joker doesn't know
      the facts. Researching witchcraft of various kinds. I stumbled on
      two things. First, according to a neopagan who was loath to admit
      it but honest enough to do so, the traditions of folk witchcraft in
      East Anglia are surprisingly similar to confessions in the medieval
      witch trials. Second, from the middle ages on down, there was
      a cross fertilization between folk magic people and educated,
      literate, grimoire toting sorcerers and ritual magicians.

      So if such a lecture is not in fact going to be given, it should be.


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      Is this an April Fool's joke?

      On Sun, 31 Mar 2013 17:04:32 +0100 (BST), Steve Wilson <stevewilson93@...> wrote:

      > April 1 Steve Wilson - The Roots of the Necronomicon
      > Every Lovecraft fan knows by now that he invented The Necronomicon – and that nevertheless a couple of dozen books purporting to be the fabled Tome have been circulated, particularly the “Simon” Necronomicon and the Robert Turner version.
      > Now, however, Steve Wilson brings the Easter holiday to a close by revealing that the notion of sorcerers in the backwoods of New England owning books of ancient magical lore - quite separate from the Hoodoo and Pow-Wow traditions – isn’t as unlikely as critics have often stated. In fact, not only is it certain that such people existed, Steve Wilson will reveal how and when Lovecraft could have met them and what the books were!
      > Warning – talk likely to digress into 2 other areas – things conjured out of the air and books conjured out of the earth. It is worth reading The Dunwich Horror beforehand
      > Further details at:
      > www.mwnn.webeden.co.uk
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