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6405My novel, The Acts of Simon Magus

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  • GCram
    Mar 22, 2013
      I would like to get the reaction of the members of this group to my novel in progress, The Acts of Simon Magus, the original AntiChrist, the Gnostic sorcerer who was the greatest enemy of early Christianity. It is an epic historical fantasy that combines all the various mythologies and religions of the time of Christ in a mystical adventure narrated by one of the great villains of the Church (the only man to have a sin named after him). Simon, Sophia/Ishtar, Jesus, Azathoth, Saints Peter and Paul are all characters in a story that investigates the origins of all religions, orthodox and esoteric, from Christ to Cthulhu. Some may find such high ideals boring, so of course there is plenty of sex, violence, horror and humour too. Simon's conception of a universe ruled by malevolent monsters was an inspiration for HPL, as Lovecraft has been for me. If you are interested, please check http://simonmagus.com for a description of the story, some background sources and readings from the Acts (Lovecraftians may find this one interesting: http://simonmagus.com/readings/dead-names). I am launching an Indiegogo campaign soon to help me complete and publish it, but even if you don't participate, please leave comments and reactions. And if you'd like to share my journey, please subscribe to the blog. Thanks! /glen
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