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Re: HP1651B Boot and other Disks needed

Hi Gary, I have those files. If you power up your analyzer without the boot disk what version does it report? Mine says 2.06. I am curious to find out if your
8:56 PM

cleaning contaminated boards

All, I have a back-up battery that, well, did not rupture or leak in a gross manner, but it seems that vapors emanating from it caused corrosion to the
John Darwin Powers
8:47 PM

Re: HP1651B Boot and other Disks needed

The two ROMs I have are: 01650-80001 01650-80002 The system files are on the Keysight website here
8:37 PM

Re: HP1651B Boot and other Disks needed

Gary, Just curious. What version firmware are in the two EPROMS in the unit? Also when you made your disks what hardware/op sys did you use to make the disk? A
8:01 PM

Re: HP1651B Boot and other Disks needed

Sam, FYI - My unit arrived in good shape so I tried the disk but got and I/O error. I took the drive out and cleaned it up; it was really dirty. I cleaned
7:53 PM

HP6114a voltage switch refurb/replacment

I picked up a 6114a which works perfectly, except the paint is falling off the numbers on one of the thumbwheel switches (the one that goes from 0 to 3). This
Paul Amaranth
6:05 PM

Re: Fake NI-USB-HS adapters on ebay.

On 4 October 2015 at 02:30, Hughes timhughes@... ... I think you can safely assume it is a counterfeit item, if it has the NI name on it. Of course
Dr. David Kirkby (Kirkby Microwave Ltd)
2:04 PM

Re: HP1651B Boot and other Disks needed

Hey Sam, I looked under the 16500A (color version of the 1650A) on the Keysight website looking for more details about LIFUTIL and found this:
10:53 AM

Re: HP1651B Boot and other Disks needed

Hi Gary, Thanks for the response. When you used the LIFUTIL did you just use the defaults to format the disk? If not do you know the required parameters
8:03 AM

Re: HP1651B Boot and other Disks needed

I'm expecting my 1650A to arrive tomorrow. I was able to create a system disk using LIFUTIL (v00.03) using my old Compaq running Win98. I had a laptop
Oct 4

New file uploaded to hp_agilent_equipment

Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the hp_agilent_equipment group. File :
Oct 4

Re: HP1651B Boot and other Disks needed

Hi All, I found the files that Harvery was talking about. I had looked on the Keysight Forum and found nothing but when I searched the Keysight main website I
Oct 4

Re: HP1651B Boot and other Disks needed

Thanks Harvey. I read something about compatibility with the EPROM firmware but I will just have to try it and find out. Thanks again.
Oct 4

Re: Need HP 1651B System Disk

Glen, Do you still have those files for the HP1651B? If so I would like to get them and try and make a boot disk for a working HP1651B I picked up at a hamfest
Oct 4

Suggestions for cheap HP kit in 3U (maybe 4U) boxes.

I am looking to produce a product which would complement the HP 8753 series of VNAs. It makes sense to put it in used HP boxes, with a new front panel. I did
Dr. David Kirkby (Kirkby Microwave Ltd)
Oct 4
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