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SAFETY roadside memorials

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  • Allen Dyer
    [forwarded with permission. allen] _______________________________________________________ From: Mary Catherine Cochran To: Allen Dyer
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2001
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      [forwarded with permission. allen]
      From: Mary Catherine Cochran <koontz@...>
      To: Allen Dyer <aldyer@...>
      Subject: roadside memorials
      Date: Monday, April 30, 2001 8:30 PM


      Tim's memorial is still up on the side of the road where he died nearly
      one year ago. His mother has been seen stopping there.. but mostly it
      is friends who place flowers and mementos. I think it is a tremendous
      help for young folks to have a place to go to think of Tim. Eventually
      as they grow up and move away it will likely disappear on its own. As
      long as a memorial isn't causing traffic distractions, or enticing kids
      to stop and stand near traffic, I think they can be helpful. If,
      however, Leah's memorial is in a dangerous location- perhaps the parents
      would like to think about creating a better place for friends to stop
      and visit. Perhaps a grove of trees planted in a nearby park, or a
      small garden on the grounds of her school? If they decide to move it-
      they should absolutely work with the kids who created it. CHS is
      sponsoring a frisbee/disc golf tournament in Tim's memory in a couple of
      weeks. It is a positive way to celebrate his life, allow kids to do
      something active in support of the family, and show the family that kids
      do still remember Tim. The most important thing to remember is that
      kids are not little adults - they do grieve differently- and adults need
      to listen to what they need.

      mary catherine
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