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  • pamythompson
    Mr. Lemle, Welcome to Howardpubliced. I am quite interested in what you have to say on this topic. Are resignations in order? I will tell you the way the BOE
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      Mr. Lemle,

      Welcome to Howardpubliced. I am quite interested in what you have to say on this topic. Are resignations in order?

      I will tell you the way the BOE has been doing business for many years does not work for our children. On the outside it appears the system is broken. As a parent of 31 years with 8 children I can tell you I first really saw the problems in education when I came to Howard county 20 years ago and it has steadily gone down hill. To many parents Howard county's education system was a real disapointment. The BOE is a reflection of this broken system. The system is so seperated from the people it serves and we are so disenfranchised that we could not muster a gualified candidate from our ranks. Are resignations in order? Yes, both Aquino and French. Mr. Meshkin, well he really let the public down. Change had to come especially after years of neglect but this was abrupt and poorly concieved. Giles and Siddiqui should terminate their bid for another term. I have always appreciated Mrs. Vaillancourt's effort in this area albeit we would eventually have to move on from this position. I have great respect for Mr. Williams. That leaves Mr. Dyer who has stood in a place few dare and I have the greatest respect for him.

      This had to happen, it was inevitable. Our education system is broken. The question my friend is how to fix it and this means many new faces both in the BOE and the hcpss administration. Many of our senior staff should begin to look for a new profession.

      Look forward to your position.


      HCEA president questions school board's ability to do its job

      By Sara Toth, stoth@...

      February 13, 2012 | 7:10 p.m.
      Saying that "personal animosity has made it impossible for members of the Board of Education to do their jobs," Howard County Education Association President Paul Lemle believes current members need to think about their constituents rather than themselves.

      In an interview Monday night, Lemle reacted to the board's 5-3 vote last week to re-structure the middle school schedule and curriculum. The plan, which will eliminate traditional, required, stand-alone reading classes for the majority of the student population, had drawn criticism from HCEA since the plan was first proposed in November 2011.

      The proposal initially failed with a 4-4 vote on Jan. 26. Board member Brian Meshkin, who had previously voted against the proposal, voted to pass it last week. He made his vote via teleconference from California, and the nature of his participation spurred contentious debate among board members — a debate some board members and Lemle called embarrassing.

      "At the moment they vote on something that's very important to thousands of people, to have this boiled-over dispute over whether or not somebody can vote or participate over via conference call, that becomes the issue," Lemle said. "They're deciding something of critical importance to thousands of teachers, thousands of students and thousands of parents, and they make it about them."

      Lemle suggested parliamentary help, conflict resolution or some type of mediation for board members to work out their differences.

      "The board needs help, or they need to think very carefully about whether they're servicing the public," Lemle said.

      While that's not the official position of the union yet, Lemle said a resolution was being drafted in response to the board's vote Feb. 9, and would be presented to HCEA's representative council at its meeting Tuesday night. The representative council is HCEA's policy-making body and is made up of building representatives — one per 25 union members in a county school.

      Lemle said HCEA would try to work with the PTA Council of Howard County on the statement. Chaun Hightower, president of the council, declined to comment until the matter had been addressed at a council meeting Wednesday, Feb. 15.

      --- In howardpubliced@yahoogroups.com, Paul Lemle <paul.lemle@...> wrote:
      > The Board of Education has lost the ability to govern. It's Feb 9 meeting
      > can (and should) be viewed at http://hcpsstv.granicus.com/
      > MediaPlayer.php?view_id=6&clip_id=788
      > Around 3:20, you can hear HCEA's report. At 3:35 or so, the school system's
      > Central Office staff, and then the Board of Ed does their thing in the
      > fourth and fifth hour. Look at the display from 5:30 forward; then decide
      > for yourself.
      > Paul Lemle
      > President, Howard County Education Association
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