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Re: the election for boe continues...

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  • robert.rhodeshc
    Allen, this now makes perfect sense to me (putting together other posts on this site). If nothing else and the current results hold, this will make for very
    Message 1 of 8 , Nov 8, 2010
      Allen, this now makes perfect sense to me (putting together other posts on this site). If nothing else and the current results hold, this will make for very interesting Bd of Ed meetings. I bet the "ratings" on hcpsstv will sore.

      --- In howardpubliced@yahoogroups.com, "Allen Dyer" <aldyer@...> wrote:
      > robert,
      > i have been an active supporter of cindy vaillaincourt's 2010 board of
      > education candidacy from the time she announced.
      > i first met cindy when we were competing candidates in the 2003-2004
      > election for the board of education and, during that campaign, i learned to
      > appreciation her ideas and support for public education. i also supported
      > marcelino bedolla, another person i first met as a fellow candidate while
      > competing for a seat on the board of education. indeed, i consider myself
      > very fortunate to have had the opportunity to met so many interesting and
      > civic minded people during the time i have spent campaigning for public
      > office.
      > cindy has also been a long time, active participant in the howardpubliced
      > list so her positions are well known and available to the public on the
      > howardpubliced archive.
      > cindy and i don't always agree on education issues, but, i always respect
      > her well articulated opinions. i do think we both believe in a strong role
      > for elected local boards of education and share a respect for process and
      > open discussions of the issues.
      > i believe cindy would make an excellent addition to the howard county board
      > of education.
      > in the interest of full disclosure, cindy has volunteered time and money to
      > some of my board of education campaigns and i have volunteered time to
      > cindy's campaign. i also volunteered time to leslie kornreich's campaign
      > and brian meshkin's campaign.
      > i believe in the democratic process and i feel privileged to live in a
      > country where i can participate in the creation and operation of the
      > government. my sincere thanks to those who gave their lives to make this
      > nation.
      > allen dyer
      > citizen
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      > From: robert.rhodeshc
      > To: howardpubliced@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Saturday, November 06, 2010 9:45 PM
      > Subject: [howardpubliced] Re: the election for boe continues...
      > allen, are you pulling for any one candidate to make the 4th?
      > Vaillencourt or Proudfoot? Has the election been certified as yet
      > (11/6/10)? If not, what votes and how many are left to be counted? Robert
      > --- In howardpubliced@yahoogroups.com, "Allen Dyer" <aldyer@> wrote:
      > >
      > > from ken stevens -- current vote tally for board of education race:
      > >
      > > Totals to date:
      > > Aquino 48176
      > > French 47091
      > > Meshkin 31065
      > > Vaillancourt 30230
      > > Proudfoot 29940
      > > Ballinger 28988
      > > Kornreich 28657
      > > Walker 26884
      > >
      > > that puts cindy vaillancourt up by 290.
      > >
      > > allen
      > >
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