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  • Allen Dyer
    howard public ed has been around for over a decade and many, many members of the public education community have contributed useful insights into how our
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2008
      howard public ed has been around for over a decade and many, many
      members of the public education community have contributed useful
      insights into how our schools could be improved.  for example, if you
      are concerned about the content of policy 2020, you might want to
      read the following call to arms (from late 2003) from june cofield &
      barry tevelow.
      thank you june & barry.
      allen dyer
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      Subject: Proposed policy presented Aug 28th concerning development of

      Good Evening Folks,
      Sorry, this is so long but it is so important!  I have tried to present
      facts and concerns and hope it is a fair representation of what is
      going on. 
      I wanted to take a moment to share an educational issue of the greatest
      importance to the community.  The Special Assistant to the
      superintendent and 2 board members have been working on and developing
      a proposed NEW policy called "Policy Development and Adoption".  There
      are good points coming out of this NEW policy concerning -codifying
      policies, establishing a 3 year review cycle for all policies, and
      simply putting together guidelines for devloping new or addressing
      revisions to present policies.  Something that has never been before so
      that is good.
      This process started back in April when the first draft was presented
      to teh BOE.  There was a Public Hearing held in May, and a work session
      held in June - the June 11th minutes are on the HCPSS website and would
      advise reading them as it shares the recommendation from the
      superintendent to the BOE concerning not presenting the policy and
      implementation procedures at the same time, which would remove "we" the
      public from speaking at a Public Hearing on the "regulations". 
      Fortunately, majority of the ELECTED BOE wanted both presented at the
      same time, which would allow the public to comment on the
      On August 28th the new proposed draft of the policy was presented to
      the BOE as a last minute agenda item.  It was not listed on the
      quarterly agenda or on the Aug 28th agenda.  There will be a Public
      Hearing concerning this NEW policy this coming Thursday Sept 11th, and
      the BOE is scheduled to approve the NEW policy Sept 25th.  There are at
      least 13 schools who will be having Back-to-School Nights on the 11th
      as well as many observances of Sept 11th terror attack.  So, already
      many are removed from being a part of this policy's Public Hearing. 
      The August 28th BOE meeting will be shown tomorrow morning at 7 AM and
      again at 1 PM for your viewing.
      Presently the process for NEW or revised policies is that the Special
      Assistant to the superintendent presents to the BOE the
      superintendent's recommendation, then usually 2 weeks later there is a
      Public Hearing for the BOE to hear from the public/community, and 2
      weeks behind that the BOE approves the NEW or revised policy. 
      Presently, policies are in 3 sections - Policy (statement),
      Regulations, and the Implementation.  Public Hearings have always been
      on the Policy (the policy statement) and Regulations (how of policy -
      example Dress Code) sections, and Implementation is left to the
      secretary of the BOE the superintendent (the policy book, sending home
      a policy, announcing over the loud speaker at schools, etc).
      The NEW proposed policy will go to 2 sections - Policy and
      Implementation Procedures.  It provides for a Public Hearing of the
      policy.  While I personally do not believe that all of our ELECTED BOE
      supports removal of the Public Hearing for the old "regulations" the
      wording of this policy indicates just that.  It would allow for
      whomever is the superintendent to make changes to policies and then the
      process would be to inform the BOE as an agenda item - nothing about a
      Public Hearing on the old part covered under "regulations".  I believe
      the wording does not support the ELECTED BOEs intent and therefore we
      all must look at it and determine how to assist the BOE and better
      representing their stakeholders on "POLICIES".  This NEW policy changes
      that process.  You can view this policy which is now in 2 different
      draft forms on the HCPSS website under "What's New". 
      The NEW proposed policy will also form a Policy Committee made up of 2
      board members and the secretary to the BOE (the superintendent or their
      designee).  They will determine which outside groups to invite to
      review policy then it goes to the superintendent and cabinet before the
      superintendent would present their recommendation to the BOE for
      Last Monday night at the PTA Council General Meeting a motion was
      passed to provide testimony for this Public Hearing and to continue to
      support a motion passed last Spring to oppose the removal of Public
      Hearings from the old "regulations" section.  The motion also included
      to provide the PTA Council concerns to the County Executive, the County
      Council, and the Howard County Delegation. 
      We are partners in the education of our children and National PTA has
      established 6 Parent/Community Inlovement Goals, as well as, "No Child
      Left Behind" ensures that parent/community involvement is a big part of
      the future.
      There are many organizations and individuals in the community who do
      not know they may be losing their voices concerning Public Hearings on
      policies because they do not know this is going on.  Many of them only
      come when there is something that will impact them, but they will not
      necessarily know they will not be able if the wording in this proposed
      draft goes forward.  Many without children in schools will not catch
      this until it is too late.  I would encourage you to read the proposed
      policy and work session minutes and either sign up to speak or submit
      written comments to the BOE and others concerning what you believe this
      NEW policy proposes to do. 
      Thank you for reading,

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