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Fw: [Howard County Special Ed] ADHD and LD HCPSS contacts

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  • Debra Radcliffe-Borsch
    I think all of us need to know about these contacts. Debra -----Forwarded Message----- From: simonemart Sent: Apr 1, 2007 2:35 PM To:
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      I think all of us need to know about these contacts.

      -----Forwarded Message-----
      From: simonemart
      Sent: Apr 1, 2007 2:35 PM
      To: HoCo-SpecialEd@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [Howard County Special Ed] ADHD and LD HCPSS contacts

      HCPSS has a charter LD/ADHD committee that has been in existence for
      approx 3 years now.
      LDA, IDL, CHADD and CCEO recently submitted a letter to Dr. Cousins,
      Board members, the Special Education Department and General Education
      for an LD/ADHD coordinator position to be added to the budget for
      next year. These organizations have met with the Board and Special
      Education numerous times over the years and have advocated for early
      identification (not labels), appropriate services, pilot programs,
      etc. for this group of students that fall through the cracks. We've
      always felt that General Ed needed to be involved with these issues
      and in some cases even more so than Special Ed since many children
      with ADHD and/or Learning Disabilities don't have iep's. The
      charter committee is still working on the LD/ADHD coordinator
      position but we did get as far as getting contact names for families
      to call if they have questions about their children's services. I
      urge you to call them with any of your questions. Your child does
      not need to have an iep for you to call them. They are there for all
      students with or without iep's or 504's that have a suspected
      Learning disability or ADHD dx. They need to hear from you! I know
      you have all worked with your home schools but all the information
      you've provided to them now needs to come together as a united
      force. We want the school system to know how you feel as a group.
      Be truthful with them and please remember that they also need to hear
      about what they're doing right. Sometimes it's hard to see the good
      through the bad :-)

      We were also thinking about having a countywide LD/ADHD forum for
      parents to voice their opinions and submit their suggestions. Any
      ideas on this would be most welcomed. My oldest is 25 and graduated
      from Centennial High, my youngest is 18 and will be graduating this
      year with a diploma from a nonpublic school. Our family certainly
      has been through the gamut but as long as this road has been I have
      to say HC did work with us. It wasn't always a piece of cake and we
      had many contentious meetings but I always made sure they knew that I
      respected their opinions even when I didn't agree with them.

      We know the problems; now we need to help them with the solutions.

      410-313-6837 Emily Hurd - Elementary LD
      410-313-5365 Pam Myette - Secondary LD
      410-313-7021 Cindy Schulmeyer – ADHD

      410-313-7017 Melanie Shaw- Autism Intervention Services
      410-313-6850 Robin Shell- Ombudsman

      Simone Martinez

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