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    POST: Board Fires Metts Prince George s Schools Chief Calls Dismissal Illegal http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A14768-2002Feb2.html POST:
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      POST: Board Fires Metts
      Prince George's Schools Chief Calls Dismissal Illegal

      POST: Superintendents Face Complex Balancing Act

      POST: A Tumultuous Time in Prince George's

      POST: Eduction Section:

      SUN: Howard County Section:

      Headline Stories and Commentaries
      Friday, February 01, 2002

      Philadelphia Inquirer (Pennsylvania)
      Edison struggling in some districts
      The for-profit Edison Schools Inc., which is seeking a major role in running Philadelphia's public schools, in recent months has faced criticism in other parts of the country.

      Detroit Free Press (Michigan)
      Education chief outlines planned special-ed changes
      Some of the most controversial proposed changes to rules governing special education won't be included in a final report, and that has some advocates pleased.

      New York Times
      High School Drops Its A.P. Courses, and Colleges Don't Seem to Mind
      By YILU ZHAO
      A growing number of selective private schools in New York and across the country are uncomfortable offering advanced placement courses.

      Salt Lake Tribune
      Teachers' Role In Ritalin Use Attacked By Legislator
      Too many Utah children are taking Ritalin, an Orem legislator believes, and she wants teachers to think twice about implying to anyone that they should.

      Las Vegas Review-Journal
      COLUMN: Bill Hanlon
      Because of state Sen. Bill Raggio's efforts in K-12 public education, Nevada is ahead of most of the country in meeting the requirements set forth in President Bush's "Leave No Child Behind" initiative.

      Boston Herald
      Teachers union chief rips city on pilot-school delay
      by Ed Hayward
      As Boston school officials seek proposals to open several new pilot schools, Boston Teachers Union president Ed Doherty said yesterday the district has failed to act on its promise to open a pilot school for disruptive students.

      Arab News
      Grand mufti asks educators to steer youth away from militancy
      JEDDAH, 1 February — Saudi Arabia’s highest religious authority has asked the country’s educators to steer young Saudis away from militancy, saying Islam is a religion of moderation and peace.Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh warned on Wednesday against "preachers of evil who sow discord and hatred", in an apparent... 

      Los Angeles Times
      The Challenge of Special Education
      Schools: The Los Angeles district faces many hurdles as it moves to integrate students.

      Education World
      Teacher Journal:
      Jake confronted me while I was standing outside my classroom. His face grew red as he demanded to know why I had embarrassed him by sending him to the office. He wouldn't let me talk; he snapped at me every time I opened my mouth. I have to deal with this situation before the boy's behavior gets completely out of control and affects other students' learning. But how?

      San Francisco Chronicle
      2 charter operators claim same school -- state probing
      Nanette Asimov, Chronicle Staff Writer
      In the latest sign of trouble with California's monitoring of publicly funded charter schools, two outfits that operate satellite campuses are making themselves eligible for as much as $500,000 apiece in state money by claiming to be running the same academy, The Chronicle has learned.

      The Straits Times
      Three girls to wear tudung to school today
      PARENTS of three of the tudung -wearing Primary 1 Muslim girls say they intend to send them to school today dressed in the headscarf, in spite of the suspension threat hanging over them.

      Jacksonville Times-Union
      Bush touts teaching plan on swing through Atlanta
      ATLANTA -- In a speech centered heavily on the nation's war against terrorism, President Bush pushed a national alternative teaching program yesterday and repeated his call to volunteerism.

      Boston Globe
      English lessons
      IN THE 31 YEARS since Massachusetts passed a law requiring special provisions for the education of children who don't speak English as their first language, neither the Legislature nor the state Department of Education has carefully monitored students' progress and demanded needed changes. It is high time for such a review, not least because MCAS test results have shown that, with some exceptions, students from foreign-language families do worse than average on both the verbal and math parts of the tests.

      The Times (UK)
      Two worlds, one campus
      Why the poor are still a student minority
      Student lifestyle surveys always appear full of contradictions. The same people who are said to be living in poverty are spending hundreds of pounds a year on beer and extensive travel.

      National Academy of Science
      Minority Students in Special and Gifted Education (2002)

      Additional articles for February 1, 2002

      Normally finished by 9:00 a.m. Eastern

      Commentaries and Reports

      A commentary on charters from Parents Advocating School Accountability
      By Caroline Grannan
      SAN FRANCISCO -- The San Francisco Chronicle's recent exposure of a scandal-ridden chain of charter schools supposedly overseen by the hapless Fresno, Calif., school district spotlights a problem within the charter movement.

      New Republic
      Sorority Row
      by Jason Zengerle
      On the first day of sorority rush last September, Melody Twilley woke up and could not find her lavender nail polish. This constituted a bit of an emergency. The night before, Twilley, an 18-year-old student at the University of Alabama, had borrowed a blue and purple slip dress with spaghetti straps from one of her roommates; the lavender nail polish, in her opinion, was essential to completing the outfit.

      Chronicle of Higher Education
      Colleges Tailor Online Degrees for Individual Companies
      Colleges and large corporations are starting to collaborate on the creation of online graduate-degree programs that meet specific needs of the companies. The programs are created from existing graduate degrees, except the course content is altered so that the students learn by working on real projects for their company.

      School Reformers
      No child untested?
      by David W. Kirkpatrick
      Standardized testing may well produce students who can do basic things, but not beautiful things. Worse, it may turn out people who cannot do the right things.

      About Education
      Groundhog Tied and Gagged
      Nothing like a good rodent holiday to spice up winter. Humor Guide Mike Durrett has a full menu of groundhog entertainment, including the ten best Groundhog's Day films of all time. Yes, the ten best of all time.

      Children First America
      Cleveland Hat Trick.
      Three great columns on the Cleveland Supreme Court case ran recently in anticipation of oral arguments in February. Cornelius Chapman lands the following great punch in a Cleveland Plain Dealer opinion piece: “Connoisseurs of hypocrisy will appreciate the fact that over half of Cleveland's public school teachers don't send their own kids to public schools.

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