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  • Alan V. Shackelford
    Jul 26, 1999
      We are fully "moved in" to our new home at onelist.com . I am new at this
      type of list server, but I assume you can post by emailing
      howardpubliced@onelist.com and it will pop right out to all members. I
      guess we'll see. And all the binaries, images, zip files you want can be
      attached to the mails.

      Lets put this thing through its paces and see if it will handle us. Rumor
      has it that there are over 11,000 lists hosted here, on a FreeBSD server
      similar to cdrom.com, the worlds record download site. Over a terabyte per
      day!. I don't think there will be any problems.

      One Net to rule them all, One Net to find them, One Net to bring them all,
      and using Unix.....bind them. alan_s@...