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Online Dating--Don't Get Consumed

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  • C. K.
    http://gogo.kubera.ro/a.htm ***************************** Many people that sign up for dating websites are so excited about reading profiles and meeting new
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2006

      Many people that sign up for dating websites are
      so excited about reading profiles and meeting new
      individuals that it is really easy to become
      consumed by checking email, sending invitations to
      members you are interested in, and simply checking
      out new profiles in search of 'the one'. However,
      there are some tips to help you enjoy online
      dating yet still maintain the life you are
      currently living without becoming consumed with
      the Internet and online dating websites.

      The first suggestion to help you manage your life
      and online dating is to simply set some online
      dating hours. A schedule will really help you stay
      focused on your online dating as well as your
      other responsibilities. When you decide ahead of
      time that you have one hour per day or even two to
      devote to online dating, or perhaps just on
      Saturdays, then you will find it easier to stick
      to your schedule and will look forward to it. If
      you don't set a schedule it will be really easy to
      get caught up in the dating websites and simply
      search and search and search until all hours of
      the night, miss social activities, and simply
      retreat into your relationship with your computer
      until you find a date. Don't let this happen to
      you. Instead, make a schedule and stick to it and
      you will enjoy your life as well as finding a

      Another tip is to simply sign up with one or two
      dating sites. When you sign up with more than that
      it can become a full time job to keep up with all
      of the new members, members you are interested in,
      emails, and the like. Because of this it is
      important to focus on only one site or maybe even
      two in order not to overwhelm yourself or get too
      involved in online dating.

      The idea of finding a date, boyfriend or
      girlfriend, or even a future wife or husband is
      exciting and since dating websites have so many
      available men and women it can be overwhelming at
      one time and individuals find themselves absorbed
      in the computer. This can cause problems in your
      personal and work life so it should be taken with
      caution. So, go ahead and start dating online
      because it can be fun, exciting, and really
      successful, just know when too much is too much
      and don't let the computer time take up your
      entire life.

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