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      Rob Kampia talks marijuana reform on Fox's Freedom Watch
      Marijuana Policy Project executive director Rob Kampia recently joined
      television host Judge Andrew Napolitano, John Stossel, and conservative
      pundit S.E. Cupp to discuss marijuana reform in the United States. The
      panelists leaned strongly in favor of taxing and regulating marijuana,
      a view not shared by Cupp who scrambled to make an argument against the
      idea by any means necessary.  Watch a clip...
      Pro-decriminalization candidate wins Vermont gubernatorial primary
      In a very tight race that will undoubtedly go through at least one
      recount, Peter Shumlin, a pro-decriminalization candidate running for
      governor in Vermont, has won his primary there. This is great news for
      Vermont and serves as a lesson to other politicians: supporting
      sensible marijuana policies is not only safe, it may be politically
      beneficial!
      Update: Officer who shot unarmed Las Vegas man is cleared
      In the latest update of a case we first brought to you several issues
      ago, the officer responsible for the shooting death of 21-year-old
      Trevon Cole has been cleared of wrongdoing. The officer involved in the
      shooting has drawn and fired on suspects twice in the past, both times
      with questionable circumstances surrounding the shooting.  Were it not
      for our prohibitionist policies, Trevon Cole would still be alive
      today.
      Vikings player sidelined because he can't use medicine that works
      Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin was taken off the practice
      field in an ambulance late last month after suffering a debilitating
      migraine attack. Harvin, who has suffered from migraines since he was
      10, had previously treated them with marijuana. Following his draft
      into the NFL, however, Harvin has had to stop using marijuana to
      relieve his migraines and clearly seems to be suffering for it.  With
      81% support for medical marijuana nationwide, it seems hypocritical to
      ask professional atheletes to abstain from medicine that may work for
      them.
      Have you joined the Facebook Cause?
      Did you know that MPP has a Facebook Cause? We do! Our Cause is "End
      Marijuana Prohibition" and you can join us right away.  With nearly
      50,000 members, the cause to End Marijuana Prohibition is growing daily
      and is a great way to get involved with helping to bring sensible
      marijuana policies to the United States. Join us today!


      The MPP Insider - Video Edition

      Featured Person
      Peter McWilliams, stricken with both cancer and AIDS, died because the
      federal government prevented him from using the one thing that
      controlled his nausea.
      Hear his story...

      Your help is key!
      Raised in '10: $2,324,830
      Goal in '10: $3,400,000
      MPP will be able to tackle all of the projects in our 2010 strategic
      plan if you help us meet this challenge.

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