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Drug Truth Update 01/02/06

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  • Dean Becker
    Drug Truth Network Update: 4:20 Drug War NEWS 4:20 Drug War NEWS 01/02/06 to 01/08/06 now online: Monday 01/02/06 Hou Chron Teen Killed in Shooting Laid to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2006

      Drug Truth Network Update: 4:20 Drug War NEWS


      4:20 Drug War NEWS  01/02/06 to 01/08/06 now online: 


      Monday  01/02/06 Hou Chron "Teen Killed in Shooting Laid to Rest" + Becker's Chronicle LTE

      Tuesday  01/03/06 DTN Salute to Glenn Greenway & Poppygate

      Wednesday  01/04/06 DTN Salute to Doug McVay & Drug War Facts

      Thursday 01/05/06 DTN remembers guest: Author Doug Valentine

      Friday 01/06/06 DTN remembers guest: Carl Velley, Pres. of DPFT

      Saturday 01/07/06 DTN remembers guest: Norm Stamper, former Police Chief Seattle, Author: Breaking Rank

      Sunday  01/08/06 DTN remembers Host Dean Becker speech to Amer. Constitutional Society


      Half Hour Programs, Live Fridays... at 90.1 FM in Houston & on the web at www.kpft.org. 


      Century of Lies  for 12/30/05: Century of Lies Highlights 2005 MP3 (Details Below)



      Cultural Baggage 12/30/05: Cultural Baggage Highlights 2005  MP3 (Details Below)



      Guest List, Century of Lies:  Jack Cole of LEAP, Siobahn Reynolds of Pain Relief Network, Judge James Gray, Jason Ziedenberg, Can. Sen. Pierre Claud Nolin, Phil Smith, Jack Cole at Hartford Conference, Danny Kushlick of UK's Transform, Wall Street Reporter Frank Smyth


      Guest List, Cultural Baggage: Author Doug Valentine, Earl Barnett of LEAP, Carl Velley of DPFT, Dr. Robert Melamede, US Rep Dana Rohrbacher, Dr. Frank Fisher, Roberta Franklin of J4J, Ethan Nadelmann, Dean Becker to Constitution Society, Marilda Garnad of Aetna, Mason Tavert of Safer & Dr. Rick Doblin of MAPS

      NEXT Friday:


      - Century of Lies 3 PM ET, 2 PM CT, 1 PM MT & Noon PT.   

      - Cultural Baggage 8 PM ET, 7 PM CT, 6 PM MT & 5 PM PT. 


      All Drug Truth Network programs available at www.drugtruth.net and at www.audioport.org


      "Why are drug users considered to be unconditionally exterminable?"  - Dean Becker, DTN Producer.


      49 Affiliates and growing!  THANKS TO YOU! 


      Please become part of the solution, visit our website: www.endprohibition.org links to the best of reform.


      Dean Becker
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