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Fwd: Include a question about marijuana in the presidential debate

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    ... From: Jeffrey Dhywood - World War-D To: rebelljb Sent: Mon, Oct 1, 2012 12:02 pm Subject: Include a question about
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      From: Jeffrey Dhywood - World War-D <cs@...>
      To: rebelljb <rebelljb@...>
      Sent: Mon, Oct 1, 2012 12:02 pm
      Subject: Include a question about marijuana in the presidential debate

      My friend Lanny, host of the show, Marijuana: Compassion & Common Sense
      (www.kcaaradio.com) just created a petition that I urge you to sign and
      The petition is addressed to Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr., Co-Chairman of
      the Commission of Presidential Debates, asking him to include a
      question about marijuana in the presidential debate.
      It is outrageous that the presidential candidates keep ignoring an
      issue that has been causing so much damage for so long, and that is
      costing tens of trillions of dollars to the US tax-payer every single
      year. Still, Obama laughs about the issue and Romney angrily refuses to
      even talk about it.
      60,000+ deaths in Mexico alone is not a joke!
      Millions of lives destroyed by drug convictions, the vast majority
      African-America or Latino,  are not a prank!
      Drug prohibition is a man-made disaster that has been spreading mayhem
      and chaos over the planet for the past 100 years. The 41 years old War
      on Drugs has failed. It is time to pull the plug on it and look for
      more sustainable alternatives.
      Seventeen states and the District of Columbia representing over a third
      of the U.S. population have legalized the use of marijuana when
      recommended by a physician. Six states have marijuana initiatives on
      their November ballots (three legalization and three medical
      marijuana). $20 billion is spent each year ensnaring over 850,000
      Americans in the criminal justice system. Thousands of deaths occur on
      the Mexican border every year. Countless more die in Guatemala,
      Honduras and El Salvador. Even peaceful Costa Rica is affected.
      What other issue impacts so many Americans at such a staggering cost in
      dollars and lives and is so completely sidelined? Yet the only thing
      President Obama and challenger Romney seem to agree on is to NOT talk
      about marijuana.
      Please sign and share the petition:

      Thank you for your support

      Jeffrey Dhywood
      Investigative writer,
      Author of "World War D – The Case against prohibitionism, roadmap to
      controlled re-legalization"
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