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Drug Truth 040212

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  • Dean Becker
    *DRUG TRUTH NETWORK PROGRAMS, Apr 1 to Apr 08, 2012** * *Cultural Baggage*, 04/01/12, 29:00 Russ Bellville of NORML speaks at James A Baker III institute +
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      DRUG TRUTH NETWORK PROGRAMS, Apr 1  to Apr 08, 2012

      Cultural Baggage, 04/01/12, 29:00   Russ Bellville of NORML speaks at James A Baker III institute + Terry Nelson of LEAP & Canada's CTV report: "top docs call for MJ decrim"
       LINK:  http://www.drugtruth.net/cms/node/3812
      Transcript: Tue
      (Note: this weeks Cult Bag show only for Houston will air 7 PM & will feature appeal for area specific efforts to expose fraud, corruption, means to bring drug war to an end.)

      Century of Lies 04/01/12,  29:00  Steven DeAngelo, Pres of Harborside Health Center in Oakland, the world's largest cannabis dispensary speaks to 400 Students for Sensible Drug Policy in Denver
      LINK:  http://www.drugtruth.net/cms/node/3813
      Transcript:  Mon

      4:20 Drug War NEWS, 04/02/12 to 04/08/12, 3:00 each, available at http://www.drugtruth.net on right margin

      Sun - Steven DeAngelo of Harborside Health Center speaks to 400 members of Students for Sensible Drug Policy
      Sat - Canada's CBC TV: time to legalize?
      Fri - Terry Nelson of LEAP re: US pressure creates global mayhem
      Thu - Mary Jane Borden: What is Ibogaine?
      Wed - Bill Piper of DPA re: marijuana dispensaries in Wash DC
      Tue - Canada's CTV: time to regulate drugs?
      Mon - Terry Nelson of LEAP re: freedom in the US

      NEXT WEEK:   TBD

      NOTE:  All half hour DTN programs available at James A. Baker III Institute: http://www.bakerinstitute.org/dtn

      RSS -XML feeds available!

      With 95 broadcast affiliates, DTN invites your station to join, free of charge
      Dean Becker
      Producer: Drug Truth Network, www.drugtruth.net
      Speaker: Law Enforcement Against Prohibition www.leap.cc

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