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12060Why It's So Important to End the Failed War on Drugs -

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  • Dean Becker
    Apr 16, 2014
      Dean Becker's book eviscerates the logic of drug prohibitionists.

      Written by
      April M. Short, AlterNet Drugs Editor


      April 15, 2014
      The U.S. war on drugs has failed. The Global Commission on Drug Policy  now acknowledges this fact. The drug war enriches drug cartels in Latin America. It targets black people and poor people and sends nonviolent offenders to crowd our prisons and jails. It has given rise to more than 30,000 U.S. gangs that prowl neighborhoods with high-powered weapons. Despite the expenditure of well over a trillion dollars, the arrest of 45 million U.S. citizens, and the constant diminution of our rights and freedoms, this second U.S. attempt at prohibition does not work. The rate of illegal drug use has not decreased, and there is no logical benefit nor rationale in keeping these outdated policies in place.

      In his book  To End the War on Drugs, former cop and current Law Enforcement Against Prohibition speaker Dean Becker gathers interviews from 115 experts who appeared as guests on his Pacifica radio Drug Truth Network program over the years. As Phillipe Lucas, a Canadian scientist and drug reformer put it, "Where else could you find candid interviews with Gary Johnson, Tommy Chong, Grover Norquist, Ethan Nadelmann, Willie Nelson, Elvy Musikka, Kurt Schmoke, Rick Steves, Mike Gray, and Alexander Shulgin?" In the words of scientists, doctors, prison wardens, authors, activists, prosecutors, clergy and many others, Becker's book eviscerates the logic of drug prohibitionist pronouncements....

      Dean Becker - Reporter for Drug Truth Network www.DrugTruth.Net
      Author: To End The War On Drugs -
      A Guide For Politicians The Press And Public www.endthedrugwar.us
      Speaker - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition www.LEAP.cc
      Nonresident Research Associate - James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy - Rice Univ - http://bakerinstitute.org/drug-policy-program/drug-truth-archive/
      Partner - Drug Policy Alliance www.drugpolicy.org
      Board Member - Drug Policy Forum of Texas www.DPFT.org
      Those who believe in drug war do not believe in public safety.