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12055Share your thoughts on the Drug War with US Congress

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  • Dean Becker
    Apr 9, 2014

      We would like to hear your thoughts on the following subject.  Please don’t be shy.  It regards OUR book “To End The War on Drugs, A Guide for Politicians, the Press, and Public”.  I say OUR book because without your voices as my guests this book would not exist.

       We are considering sending your 115 expert voices from ARO, DPA, DPFT, LEAP, MPP, NORML and scores of other organizations and individuals who stepped up to the plate and took mighty swings at the logic of drug war.

      to Congress!  That includes to the President (again) Senators, Reps, Supreme Court Justices, and for 50 state rights Governors.  We feel Holder became more vocal after reading our book with so many expert opinions and organizations in one place backing him.

      The cost of this endeavor will run $5,000-5,500 for 585 books and postage.  We will use in house labor including our 8 yr old granddaughter who really wants to help.  We will obtain local publicity with the hope it goes national. 

      Of course we could use some help with donations.  Does anyone already have a data base for the addresses? 

      Are we crazy to want your thoughts shared with the Congress and Supreme Court?

      Email dean@... for more information.

      Please visit www.endthedrugwar.us

      Dean Becker - Reporter for Drug Truth Network www.DrugTruth.Net
      Author: To End The War On Drugs -
      A Guide For Politicians The Press And Public www.endthedrugwar.us
      Speaker - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition www.LEAP.cc
      Nonresident Research Associate - James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy - Rice Univ - http://bakerinstitute.org/drug-policy-program/drug-truth-archive/
      Partner - Drug Policy Alliance www.drugpolicy.org
      Board Member - Drug Policy Forum of Texas www.DPFT.org
      Those who believe in drug war do not believe in public safety.