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11951Re: [Houston NORML] Fwd: New message from John Baucum

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  • Steven Nolin
    Dec 6, 2013
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      I was looking for Harris County simple marijuana possession arrests earlier this week after Clay went to the commissioners court and that guy said they only had 25 people in jail that would have qualified to get a summons instead of arrest. I could only find this page that lists the last 24 hours but it doesn't specify the charge.

      The Legislator Education package Texas NORML put together has stats for Texas.


      In 2010, Texas police officers arrested more than 78,000 people for marijuana, 97% of those arrests were for possession alone.1 Each marijuana arrest costs taxpayers an estimated $10,000.2


      Steve Nolin

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      Can anybody fill in the stats for this guy, with references?



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      John Baucum
      John Baucum 3:56pm Dec 5
      Hi Dean, how are you? I was following your post yesterday and saw you stated that HPD arrests 30K people a year for Marijuana possession. I'm working on a push card for the Harris County Republican Convention and would like to push for marijuana policy to become a serious issue within the GOP. For the push card I'd like some stats specific to Harris County and/or Houston, to make the numbers feel closer to home. I thought you might be able to help with the statistics. i.e. 1. Over 30K people are arrested each year in Harris Couty for simple marijuana possession. 2. Each year, the State of Texas spends X dollars prosecuting non-violent criminals for minor drug offences. 3. Amount spent per child on education vs. amount spent per prisoner for incarceration, etc.

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