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11942Drug Truth 11/25/13

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  • Dean Becker
    Nov 25 11:44 AM
      DRUG TRUTH NETWORK PROGRAMS, Nov 24 to Dec 1, 2013
      "Opening a can of worms... fishing for truth!"

          7:00 Link

      Cultural Baggage 11/24/13, 29:00  Justin Koozer moved from Tennessee to Denver for his child Piper who need CBD from cannabis + Dr. Gupta in the UK & Professor Mark Perry of AEI report on felony arrest for secret compartment in a car, no drugs/money found
      LINK: http://www.drugtruth.net/cms/node/4628
      Transcript: http://www.drugtruth.net/cms/node/4628#comments

      Century of Lies 11/24/13, 29:00  Doug McVay reports: Medical marijuana facilities raided in Denver and Boulder, CO.
      Discussion about marijuana reform from DPA Reform conference in CO last month featuring Graham Boyd, Rob Kampia, Neill Franklin, and others. Drug testing report released by Quest Diagnostics. New National Drug Treat Assessment from DEA
      LINK:  http://www.drugtruth.net/cms/node/4620
      Transcript: http://www.drugtruth.net/cms/node/4620#comments

      4:20 Drug War NEWS,  11/25 to 12/01/13, 3:00 each, available at http://www.drugtruth.net on right margin
      Sun - Doug McVay report on DPA panel with Ethan Nadelmann and Neill Franklin
      Sat - Doug McVay report on drug war news in Colorado
      Fri - Secret compartment = loss of car, freedom & rights
      Thu - Thanksgiving for cannabis for 2 Yr old child's benefit
      Wed - Pennsylvania looks at CBD meds for children
      Tue - Dr. Sanjay Gupta brings med marijuana truth to the UK
      Mon - Professor Mark Perry of AEI report on felony arrest for secret compartment in a car, no drugs/money found


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      "What is the benefit of drug war?." db

      Dean Becker - Reporter for Drug Truth Network www.DrugTruth.Net
      Speaker - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition www.LEAP.cc
      Nonresident Research Associate - James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy - Rice Univ - http://bakerinstitute.org/drug-policy-program/drug-truth-archive/
      Partner - Drug Policy Alliance www.drugpolicy.org
      Board Member - Drug Policy Forum of Texas www.DPFT.org
      Those who believe in drug war do not believe in public safety.