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5Re: [householdconsortium] OK, I'm here, the party can begin

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  • Mike Moulton
    Jan 30, 2007
      I am here as well.
      Changes have been made. Yes the big one was my idea, so folks dont' get mad at our Warden. Is there anyone on this list who does not consider any other Consortiumite Kin?
       Basically we've been a "household of Shires" since our founding. My logic in changing us to a "household" is that we are percieved by some in our Kingdom as being sepratists. This has caused much hard feelings over the years and has in my opinion held back some very fine folks. If these folks look down on  us now, they must be prepared to have their own Houses examined in the same way or at least be prepared to be held accountable if by no one else, Me.
      The structre we now have allows us to perform in the exact same way as we did before, except with even more freedom. This allows people like Owen and Lochlann to remain active contributing members of the Consortium even though their Shire Leadership  is opposed to Consortium Membership. 

      We also discussed removing the War-leader position and encourage our Fighters to attend any and all Cohort practices as part of the Meridian Army. We can still get together with old friends once a year and hold Chalice Challenge and as many Quarterly practices open to everyone as Marco can Stomach.

      I personally don't know how we would have gotten a fair consensus on this. I've watched apathy grow to such a point that Not one Seneschal on the Witan Council would speak to Ld Andrew when he was Warden. Maegwynn faced similar struggles. I think it took what 3 months of her calling various Shire Seneschals to get the last big consensus. This way, we can appoint an Elder from a Geographical region of the Consortium. This person would of course  would be enthusiastic about the Consortium. That in itself will do much to alleviate Apathy. I've surveyed three surrounding Consortium Shires recently. Each has new people. Most of the new folks don't even  have a clue as to what the Consortium is. I personally blame this on the folks in their groups who should be showing the way. To get an honest totally fair oppinion, James would have to speak to each and every individual in the Consortium. Seeing as how many people on our old list are not even Consortium Members and so few people attend Chalice Challenge, I don't see how this would be feasible.
      Also our old  list is inundated with people who's stance  and position we can't fathom. If  you are on this list, You are a Consortium Member and at least cared enough to try to stay up with current events in it.
      James, Thanks for stepping up when you did. I was about to volunteer. My eloquence during this transititon would not have been nearly as smooth as yours. Geoffrey and Yseult Thanks for being here for us.
      Lets not have any strangers or lurkers on this list. If you are here, then you care. Please announce your prescence and introduce yourself and give a brief  history of your experiences with the Consortium.
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      Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2007 3:38 PM
      Subject: Re: [householdconsortium] OK, I'm here, the party can begin

      I'm here, too, but I haven't decided whether it will be permanent or not.  I'd like to know what's going on first.

      It seems like sweeping changes were made recently without advance notification or a chance for proxy voting.  Can anyone enlighten me?


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