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16Re: [householdconsortium] Re: OK, I'm here, the party can begin

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  • Greg & Audrey Epple
    Jan 30, 2007
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      James wrote:
      "Where as I do agree I should have been a little better informed about
      Consortium policy it is also my responsiblity to find out about it
      myself. I made the choice to follow through with this because I also
      concured with the rest of those present that this was a good idea. I
      realized that toes would be stepped on. I still stand by the
      decision that has been made but I am also open to suggestions and
      comments on how we should continue."

      I'd like to point out that there is a major difference between "toes being
      stepped on" and stripping people of their rights. This creature that many
      of us veterans have nurtured and fed and helped to evolve had, as its most
      vital aspect, an inherent right at equal voice, and that has been suddenly
      removed. Our organization and our rights within it seem to have been taken
      away from us within a weekend.

      I'd also like to point out that there is no decision if the majority of the
      population disagrees. If the people choose to keep our Consortium and our
      old list, no one can stop us from doing so. I could go to Flintmarsh (for
      example) today and say, "your group doesn't exist anymore, and from now on
      we will do things *this* way," but that doesn't make it so.

      While I honestly like the new proposed changes, at least the cohort
      involvement and individual-based membership, I will leave the Consortium in
      a heartbeat if decisions continue to be made without concensus.

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