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14Re: OK, I'm here, the party can begin

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  • cainjc
    Jan 30, 2007
      As I said, It was my idea. My one failure in this endeavor was to
      stress to our new Warden the importance or significance even of
      getting a vote. Honestly in my opinion, I did not see us as
      functioning well enough to get honest,sincere input from many people.
      In the old days, policy was determined by a Council of Seneschales
      (or anyone representing their own shires) I kind of saw what we did
      Saturday as being like that.

      I am sorrry my ideas got out of hand and were enacted too quickly for
      some.Like I've said in the past when I have to be political, I use a
      sledge hammer. James, you can always say you were swayed by these
      exciting ideas, and request a vote on the old list. The Create Poll
      feature is handy for this kind of thing.

      James, I apologize for not expressing the need to get a consensus
      first.I was hit in the head a great deal that day and was in
      partiuclarly grasping for anything which might combat the apathy
      we've been suffering under.

      Where as I do agree I should have been a little better informed about
      Consortium policy it is also my responsiblity to find out about it
      myself. I made the choice to follow through with this because I also
      concured with the rest of those present that this was a good idea. I
      realized that toes would be stepped on. I still stand by the
      decision that has been made but I am also open to suggestions and
      comments on how we should continue.

      Yours in Sevice,
      Ld James
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