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407Fwd: Name Your OWN Price For Merchandise!

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    Oct 8, 2011
      I never realized how much money is being thrown out at the grocery store everyday
      of the year. My best friend who is a consumer advocate investigative reporter
      for WESR TV, told me that anyone who pays the posted price at the grocery store
      is crazy and that they are paying 30% - 50% more than they have to. She went
      on to say it is like being offered a turkey sandwich for $ 4.00 and instead
      you pay $ 8.00 for it. She said the reason people continue to overpay is because
      they do not realize that they have the option of paying less. She told me to
      join this program at http://savingmorethanbefore.com and that this program
      unleashes the loopholes needed to pay much less. Sure enough, when I used this
      program I saved 68% on my entire grocery bill. If people only knew about these
      loopholes they could save a fortune!

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