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406A Very Unfortunate Incident!

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  • Group Moderator
    Sep 29, 2011
      When I began moderating groups 15 years ago, I knew that a lot of responsibility
      and a dose of aggravation was inevitable. I must admit that through the years
      the pleasure of getting to know my members has far outweighed the problems
      and trouble. Recently, I recommended very highly the savings programs at http://discounts4food.com
      So many of you were kind enough to email and thank me for the tip and I have
      really enjoyed hearing how so many of you joined and are now saving a ton of
      money. The problem is one individual has been relentless at harassing me since
      I made my recommendation. She accuses me of promoting a scam and making money
      off of it. For those of you who know me well, you know I would never recommend
      any program that I haven't personally used and found to be honest and trustworthy
      of its claims. Furthermore, there is no way for me to make a single cent in
      promoting this program. Anyone that goes to this website and clicks on the
      Earn Cash
      link will see that I couldn't make a cent by recommeding this. Finally, I received
      a private email from an individual that knows this person harassing me, and
      they told me that she owns a company that sells a similar product to the one
      that I recommended. I finally had no choice and banned her and reported her
      to the police.
      Group Moderator

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