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Re: Any former members still out there?

I'm still here mom. ... got ... boy ... a ... to ... In ... website ... She ... to ... Potter ... dr. ... had ... She's ... are ... how
Sep 19, 2005

Any former members still out there?

Just wanted to write and see if there were any former homeschoolerz with heart still homeschooling. Or just still hooked to the group. Been so busy since
Sally Brooks
Sep 18, 2005

Re: I'm a granny!

CONGRADULATIONS!!!!! I am glad everyone is doing well.So, Jessie thought she missed public school, and found out otherwise, huh? You have me really wondering
Mar 8, 2005

I'm a granny!

David Wayne Brooks was born March 1 at 9:41 pm. He weighed 5 pounds and 14 ounces and was 19 1/2 inches long. Mom is doing fine, healing from the C-section.
Sally Brooks
Mar 6, 2005

A new homeschooling biography of Marie Curie

I am a professional educator and biographer. You can read about me at my domain: carlrollyson.com. My sister is homeschooling her son. I would love to hear
Mar 6, 2005


Congratulations! That's so cool! Yeah, I was thinking about it, and if I were to go back to school, it would be so I could see my friends more! But, I realy
Jan 21, 2005


Gonna make this short. I was in the middle of posting a novella and my modem disconnected! Grrrrr. Congratulations! My guess is mid Sept. then. Let me know
Sally Brooks
Jan 19, 2005

Just catching up...

Hey Sally, It was nice to see the normal digest again!! We took a month off to spend "quality" time with each other before school started. The girls love it. I
Jan 19, 2005

How is everyone doing?

The movie Julie mentioned is not really BAD scary, nor gory, nor is there nudity, cussing or much violence. There is one scene where one guy stabs another.
Sally Brooks
Jan 17, 2005

The Village

Has anyone else seen this movie yet? I'm just posting, trying to get everyone back together, I would like to TRY to do something fun, a field trip, or
Jan 17, 2005


Hi, I'm just getting on to tell you all that you can get in for free at Spinning Wheels, in Festus,on Saturday, from 1-4 just bring 3 canned goods per person!
Dec 18, 2004

Some more websites

Hello all! Been extrememly busy lately. Sorry for the lag in postings. Hope you all are just as busy with good things and therefore haven't been posting for
Sally Brooks
Dec 6, 2004

Some more websites...

Do I check all these out? Many of them we check out when we have nothing else to do (not often), but with my education background, I admit that I have used a
Sally Brooks
Nov 28, 2004

Hello Betty!

Hope you're having a great Thanksgiving too! My responsibility for the holiday this year is much less than it was last year, so I have time to be checking my
Sally Brooks
Nov 25, 2004

Hello everyone

Sorry for being such a recluse from here. I had puter problems and changed servers and then I couldnt get on the yahoo groups for some dumb reason (had an
Nov 25, 2004
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