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Fwd: Recruiting for a video game algorithm devel opment project

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      Subject: Recruiting for a video game algorithm development project
      Date: Thu, Jul 19, 2012 2:48 pm

      To whom it may concern:

      As the subject line mentions, I am looking to recruit teen and highschool-aged homeschoolers for a video game algorithm development project.  Allow me to introduce myself and the project.

      My name is Sam Salo, and I have two ventures that I operate: an online tutoring school, started by my sister and I this spring, and my video game algorithm project, titled Red Letter Calculus.  I have recently emailed your group about the online school, A Beau and A Belle; this email regards Red Letter Calculus.  As a former homeschooler, my great desire is to tap into the homeschooling world to find bright minds who are interested in the burgeoning field of gaming and gaming's new and cutting-edge frontiers.  

      In short, Red Letter Calculus is a set of algorithms that are designed around procedural generation of 3D worlds, characters, animation, and artificial intelligence. The end goal is to create a software program that would facilitate the creation of complete video games with a fraction of current monetary, people, and time requirements.  With a proper team to development this project, each member could be creating complete, triple-A quality games with their own hands in as little as one year from now. 

      The website for the project is http://www.redlettercalculus.com.  I have spent the last year inventing the mechanics of the design, and I am now in need of a team of able minds to bring the design to complete fruition.  Regarding the particular types of skills I am looking for... 

      -Teen, highschool, and/or college-aged homeschoolers with knowledge and/or experience in any of the following:
         -General programming knowledge
         -Artistic background
         -Unity 3D
         -3D modeling and animation
         -C, C++, C#, and/or assembly language
         -General knowledge in graphics programming and theory
         -A good grasp of math and physics as they pertain to graphics and gaming
         -Knowledge of voxel theory a bonus

      Please feel free to contact me with the following information:

      Phone: 262-721-8887

      I look forward to talking with any interested parties!


      -Sam Salo
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