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      Subject: Homeschooling
      Date: Tue, Jul 10, 2012 10:18 pm

      Homeschool Learning Network Freebies For Your Group


      Dear Maria,

      Happy summer!  My name is Ron Inman, and my wife Patricia and I run the Homeschool Learning Network (http://www.homeschoollearning.com)...  I think that we communicated a bit last summer, I hope you had a great year!


      I am contacting you because we have now opened up the Homeschool Learning Network for all to enjoy with a totally-free membership!  We have some really cool free projects that I was hoping you might share with your members.  We have a project called “The Alaskan Pioneer Project” that will run for the whole year—we are following a homesteader as he lives alone  in the wilderness in Alaska for a year!


      Our new Free Community also can host a home for your group… your group can do the projects all together!  Or your own Projects…  Your group would have its own Wall, Private Messaging, Event Calendar, even your own Forum, all in a totally free environment.


      Our goal is to create this awesome group of homeschoolers, all collaborating together and learning from each other!


      Here is a link to a flyer, and if you think it is worthwhile, would it be possible for you to forward this to your group, or link to us?




      We hope you are able to give it a try, there are so many free resources as part of the community, and we know how important freebies are in these hard economic times.


      Thanks again so much for your time, and we look forward to getting to know you in our community if it is the right fit for you and your group!




      Ron Inman

      CFO, Homeschool Learning Network, Inc.

      E-Mail: rinman@...

      Phn: 808.633.3355

      Fax: 866.340.1844

      Website: www.homeschoollearning.com

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