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      The "cry" I hear from some students is, "I'll never use this [math] after I graduate!!" 
      So let's connect the dots---Math to Life.

      Math Tip #17

                                                       Math and Life

      Math has everything to do with logic.
      If a child can't be logical, then life is going to be a tough road for him/her. One of the best ways to approach logic is through math. It gives the child "mental" gymnastics to perform. Once a child can do mental exercises, then the key is to bring this ability into the world thus placing our children into a better survival potential. 

      So how do we handle the "protest"    "I won't use this after school!"  Of course, the famous response from teachers/parents is, "Well, when you go into the store to buy something, you better have an idea how much it is. Plus, do you have enough $ and are you getting back the correct change?"

      When I home schooled my kids plus several other children, each week we would go on a field trip. One particular field trip was to the court system in Los Angeles. There are several courts to visit so we picked the Small Claims Court. This court is where individuals sue another person for less than $6,000. (Note: California raised the limit to $10,000 in 2012)

      We spent the morning listening to different complaints. One particular complaint was a college student suing a college. In the court room was the judge, the student and a representative from the college. The student told the judge that he had taken some classes and the college kept sending him bills. The student owed $3,500 to the college. But the student was suing the college for $3,500. The judge cringed.

      The judge, very matter of fact, told the student, "When you take a course, you pay for the service. You don't sue the college."  The judge threw the case out and told the student to pay the fee! Obviously, this college student had a major flaw in thinking logically.

      The children took notes of each case the judge heard. After a morning of listening to different cases, we discussed each case to see if the judge's decisions were logical. All the students agreed the judge was logical in his decisions. 

      In my next math tip I'll list out different areas to take students on field trips so they can see how math connects to life.

      Let's give our children the power of logic so they can survive well in the future.


      Who is RJ Toftness? Author of "Unlock the Mystery to Math" &  just released new book "Fractions: Part 1" www.math-unlock.com also tutors and gives math workshops in Southern California.
      Book signing will be happening at Larchmont Village (LA) April 21at 1pm. (Chavelier's Book Store)

      Copyright 2012 RJ Toftness
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