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Re: [Electronica] weightlifting score lights

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  • bepurr
    Stuart, If you or your members are familiar with building with logic IC s you would not need relays which are a lot more expensive than IC s. You may be able
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      If you or your members are familiar with building with logic IC's you would not need relays which are a lot more expensive than IC's. You may be able to find inexpensive relays at a surplus store. New ones are pricey.

      In any case you will need:

        6 - Pushbutton switches, momentary action, single pole
        1 - Pushbutton switch, alternate action, DPDT
        6 - Small lamps (judge's hand held units)
        6 - Large lamps (display units)
        6 - Diodes (current capacity to match large lamp current)
        2 - Lantern batteries (6V) in series to give 12V. These should be sufficient for some time if the lamps  do not draw too much current.

      If using relays you will need 6 relays (12VDC coils) DPDT contact arrangement.

      I visualize the action thusly. Each judge has a hand held unit with 2 buttons and lamps. Pushing a button lights a lamp. Judge can change his mind several times. When the center judge pushes the 'master button' (the alternate action switch), the lamps are 'locked in' and the display lamps are now lit accordingly. When the results are recorded the 'master button' is pushed and everything is reset.

      I am not into competitive weight lifting but I might be persuaded if it was weighted beer mugs however.

      I am an old DOS guy and new to Windows and not yet able to email the circuit to you. Email me a postal address and I will have it in postal mail next day. In the meantime I will look into the IC circuitry with which I am familiar.


      Bryan <thebeeps@...>

      stuart hamilton wrote:

       This will probably be an easy problem for you guys to solve, but I
      need some help. I help run the Colchester Weight Lifting Club in
      Colchester, UK, and we need to make or have made a set of score
      lights for our Weight Lifting competitions.

      The way they need to work is as follows:

      There are three referees, each of them has a switch box in their
      hands with two switches/buttons, one red and one white.

      In front of the audience is a box with two rows of lights, a row of
      three white lights and a row of three red lights. After each lift
      each referee pushes either a red button or a white button to indicate
      whether it was a pass (white) or a fail (red).

      The full set of lights should not come on untill the centre referee
      (the head ref) makes his choice and pushes his choice of button. This
      stops any of the referees making their choice of pass or fail after
      they have seen the decision of the other referees.

      When the decision has been seen and recorded the centre referee
      removes his finger from the button and all the lights go out and we
      are ready to go for the next lift.

      What I would like to know is the circuit diagram that I need to use
      to make this score light set. I want to be able to use low voltage ie
      around 6v, 9v or 12v with power supplied by a/some battery/ies so
      that we don't need mains supply or thick cables.

      Can anyone help

      Thanking you in advance

      Stuart Hamilton
      Colchester Weight Lifting Club
      Colchester, UK

      Electronics: http://inginerie.protectia-mediului.ro/engineering/electronics
      Translation, Web Design, Marketing & Advertising: MultiMedia Ltd, http://www.teleactivities.com

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