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  • Nicolae Sfetcu
    Audio Related Files abbs1095.zip Audio related BBS list & Internet sites. amptools.zip This program was designed by Altec Lansing to aid in determining gauges
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 16, 2001
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      Audio Related Files


      Audio related BBS list & Internet sites.


      This program was designed by Altec Lansing to aid in determining gauges of wire for various damping factors.


      Speaker modeling software.


      Bandpass Designer version 1.0 is a speaker enclosure design program for low-frequency enclosures.


      Roy Allison's speaker placement program. (Windows)


      Program to design loudspeaker enclosures. (Windows)


      Box Plot version 2.0 is a loudspeaker modeling program for Windows with many nice features including crossover and vent analysis.


      Speaker Calculations is a simple easy to use program to predict speaker bass response performance based on T/S parameters.


      Program for calculating series resistance, parallel resistance, total Z, and dB.


      Loudspeaker Enclosure Acoustic Volume version 2.27 (1994) is designed as an aid in determining the effective or acoustic volume of an enclosure when fiberglass has been added to reduce standing waves or reflections.


      Audio related humor.


      Liberty Instruments Implulse Measurement. Program "IMP" is a hardware/software program that is very affordable and performs with similar features to MLSSA.


      Loud Speaker Measurement System demo. Demo version of this hardware/software program that features high quality analysis for a rather high value/price ratio.


      New file. Not yet commented.


      Program to design loudspeaker enclosures.


      Loudspeaker Design Program for Vented and Sealed enclosures.


      Electrical & Crossover design program.


      Microacoustics PC AUDIO LAB version 1.1. Using a Soundblaster 16 or Media Vision PAS16 this program is designed to allow sophisticated audio testing and data aquistion. Tests Room Acoustics, Speaker and Network Impedance, Oscilliscope, Total Harmonic Distortion, Time Domain Water Fall, Impulse testing, Spectrum Analyzer and more. By author Robert Watson - Working Version.

      perf450.zipPerfect Box version 4.50. Extensive program for predicting speaker alignments relative to Thiele/Small parameters for woofer enclosures. This includes a driver library as well as printing capability with Laserjet, IBM, and Epson.
      rock113.zipRockinBox CAD Speaker design program.
      spkrwksp.zipSpeaker Workshop version 1.0 contains program to predict box response for sealed and vented enclosures.
      stndwave.txtRoy Allison describes how to calculate standing waves.
      surd-sub.zipIs there bass in surround channels?
      surround.zipDetailed paper describing all aspects of surround sound.
      termcad.zipInformation and PCX files about new TERM-CAD 3D program.
      tline.zipTransmission Line speaker system calculator.
      vaudio10.zipVisual Audio version 1.0 sound system software gives you a 16 band left/right channel spectrum analyzer, peak analyzer (oscilloscope), compact disc player, mixer for mixing etc., and much much more! All devices are rackmount like your home stereo. All analyzers respond in real-time from your sound board's audio source. Requires Sound Blaster, Pro Audio Spectrum or compatible sound board, and a VGA system capable of 1024 x 768 x 256 colors.

      Electronics Related Files

      circuit.zipElectronic Workbench / Circuit design and analysis.
      electut1.zipElectronics tutorial. Part 1 of 2
      electut2.zipElectronics tutorial. Part 2 of 2
      filtr170.zipElectronic filter design program.
      hands-on.zipTeaches transistor amp troubleshooting.
      pc-ecap2.zipPC-ECAP version 2.01 is an easy to use AC circuit analysis program which analyzes circuits consisting of resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers, transistors (bipolar & FET), operational amplifiers, and transconductance amplifiers.
      pctrace.zipComplete PCB CAD package.
      pspice-1.zipCircuit analysis software. (FREEWARE) 1 of 2
      pspice-2.zipCircuit analysis software. (FREEWARE) 2 of 2
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