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Info on CO2 lasers

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  • Nicolae Sfetcu
    Info on CO2 lasers From: wouter@blade.stack.urc.tue.nl (Wouter Slegers) I d like to get some info CO2-lasers... I read the following on a BBS.. If anyone has a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2001

      Info on CO2 lasers

      From: wouter@... (Wouter Slegers)

      I'd like to get some info CO2-lasers... I read the following on a BBS.. If anyone has a sequel on this, please email it to me..

      Wouter Slegers

                  Supreme 7 (S7) Productions proudly present....
                       Palm Beach BB Uk - (0303) 265979
                     LASER WEAPONRY / PART 1 / LASER SIGHTS
                           by The Deceptor and Flip

      WELCOME!.....To part 1 of LASER WEAPONRY - to be included in each issue of ELEKTRIX. This first tutorial deals with building your own laser sights as seen in films such as 'THE TERMINATOR' and actually used by US military and UK M.O.D. for such weapons as ANTI-TANK GUNS, APRLs and other high- power military weapons. The type of sights mentioned here can be strapped onto the barrel/tube and provide perfect targetting - also phreaks people out if you walk down the street pointing the beam at people.


      • The laser used is a helium-neon one which emits a bright red beam.
      • Pointing it in someone's eyes will probably blind them so be careful with where you point it - unless ofcourse you intend to do damage (?!)
      • It can't burn skin or paper or anything - it's only really useful in this case as laser sights - although in future issues I others will explain how you can use it for Data Snooping.
      • Total project cost is about 40 quid.


      • A Helium-Neon laser tube.
      • A portable power supply (easily transformed into a backpack).

      A fairly decent tube can be obtained from BULL ELECTRICAL for about 25 quid

      SUSSEX BN3 5QT

      The specs. of the JN BULL tube are as follows:

      Maker: Philips (holland) - could buy cheaper direct I guess.
      makers ref.no: LHN-VLP/04
      type: Helium-Neon
      Size: approx 260mm x 40mm
      Striking voltage: 6-8KV
      Running voltage: 1.2-1.5KV
      Output: 1.6mW (not bad at ALL! - usual MAX is around 2mW!!!)
      Running current: 5mA
      Polarity: white lead = negative, black lead = positive
      Estimated life: 5000 hours
      Warm-up time: 1 second
      Wave length .63+0.01um (62.8nm roughly - red part of spectrum)

      Although the light emitted is actually red you'll only see the actual beam if the air is misty or dusty...though the spot at the end of the beam is perfect - the invisible beam is an advantage though if you don't want to be detected.

      I've included that info in case you pickup the beam as surplus stock some- where without the info. The tube isn't too fragile either - I dropped mine from two foot once - nothing.

      As you're going to need a power supply that's portable then you'll be hard pressed to find a company that does one....so here's the docs.

      Part 1:
      ~~~~~~~                              C4-C10 - DISK CERAMICS
                             R3    100p       100p      100p      100p
          D3-D11:      |            C4    /\   C6   /\   C8   /\  C10    /  |
             high-     |  Diodes follow  /  \      /  \      /  \       /   |
             voltage   |  direction to  D5   D6   D7   D8   D9   D10   D11  |
             3kV diodes|  D11 from D5  /      \  /      \  /      \   /    | |R4
        A              |              /   C5   \/   C7   \/   C9   \ /     | |47K
        <--------------|------D3>|--------||--------||--------||-----       |
                    _  |             |   100p      100p      100p          | |R5
           Diode   /|\ D4            |                                     | |33K
           going    |  |          C2===0.1/1.6KV                            |
           up.....> |  |             |                                  ____|
        B              |             |                           +VE -_|_
        /_____________/|\____________|                               |   |
        \              |             |                               |   | LASER
                       |             |                               |   | TUBE
        <--To part 2   |          C3===0.1/1.6KV                     |___|
                       |             |                           GND - |
                       |             |                                 |
                       |             |                                 |

      ________________________________ | /\|| Part2: | \/|| ~~~~~~ | R1 /\|| | ______----______________\/|| ----- <- From Part 1 | | ---- ____|____ ||/\ (A) | | 110 2W / | /\||\/ | | ______/ | | \/||/\ <--Ferrite core | | / R2|_|1K/\||\/ transformer | |_____|/ / __\/||/\ DU 1n4002 100v | DU |\X C1 |------|__ ||\/ Going: UPWARDS | __|_______|___)|_| \ /\|| ----- <- From Part 1 | | DD | )| | \/|| (B) DN 1n4002 100v |__/___|_____|/X 10uf | /\|| Going: DOWNWARDS \ |\______________\__\/|| | / | | | | | \ - Switch X - Collector | | | | Transistors are: | ===== D4005 NPNs | --- 12V of AA NICADS in series | ===== (BATTERY) | --- (11x1.2V is sometimes a | | little more reliable) | | -------------------------

      I hope people understand those schematics - TXT files make life so hard!...

      If you can't understand something then contacts us at Palm Beach and we'll send u a photocopy of our own docs if you like (fax optional).


      Strap the tube (maybe put it in a protective casing too) to the barrel/tube and then FIRE AWAY!!!!

      If you point it at someones eyes or your own then you/they can say goodbye to them for good.

      Phun with your tube:

      As well as being GR8 for sights you can use it for other things:

      • Shine it at a neighbours window while they're sleeping and the room will fill with a eerie red light!! haha - gr8....and this can be done from a few hundred feet with excellant results.....

      • Another good use is to point it just in front of someones feet while they are walking....The red dot on the ground will make them REAL paranoid!

      • Picking up conversations in buildings by bouncing the beam off a window and via modulation of the beam and conversion at the opposite end you can hear very high quality conversations without being seen or heard - this is a bit more tricky though....details in the next ELEKTRIX issue.

      • PLAIN TERROR! YERRRRR! PHUCK this is the bit I love.....walk down the road real casual or through a town centre....carrying your nice laser....aiming the beam at people as they go by....This really phreaks them out...best if you and a m8 piss about and make out he's gone blind. People will run fer their lives - you need to add a nice buzz noise to it - that really makes it seem quite an awesome device!

      That's it for this LASER WEAPONRY issue.....a great addition for any launcher ,tube, rifle, or just about any direct beam weapon......It could also be a fantastic sight for a carbon dioxide laser (needed since CO2 lasers are not at all visible - phun).....YUP! CO2 laser is in Part 2 of LASER WEAPONRY... fully portable and with over 200W output we are talking *** SERIOUS POWER ***

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