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  • Gaurav Verma
    Hi Are your books in ebook format ?? If so how can one access them. Gaurav ... Hi Are your books in ebook format ?? If so how can one access them. Gaurav On
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 14 7:38 AM
      Are your books in ebook format ?? If so how can one access them.

      On 10/12/06, Darrell Wyatt <n2gpin@...> wrote:
      How can a person access this information?

      >From: "knowdlegeforfree" < knowdlegeforfree@...>
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      >Subject: [Electronica] Electronics books pdf
      >Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 20:25:01 -0000
      >My name is Luis Medina . I am electronic Engineer.
      >Please, if you want more information mail to luismedinaelectronics
      >I have already all these books
      >A begginer guide to the Microchip PIC Nigel Gardner Farnell
      >Abosolute Beginners Guide to Building Robots Gareth Branwyn Que 2003
      >AC Power Systems Handbook Jerry C. Whitaker CRC Press 1999
      >Adaptative Wireless Transceivers L. Hanzo John Wiley & Sons 2002
      >Advanced Control Engineering Roland S. Burns Butterworth Heinemann
      >Advanced Signal Processing and Noise Reduction Saeed V. Vaseghi John
      >Wiley & Sons 2000
      >Advanced Signal Processing Handbook Stergiopoulos CRC Press 2001
      >Advanced Techniques in RF Power Amplifier Design Steve C. Cripps
      >Artech House 2002
      >Algorithms and Data Structures in VLSI Design Christoph Meinel ;
      >Thorsten Theobald Springer 1998
      >Analog and Digital Control system design Chen Oxford University
      >Analog Circuit Cookbook Ian Hickman Newnes 1999
      >Analog Integrated Circuit Design David Johns Kenneth W. Martin John
      >Wiley & Sons 1996
      >Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits Gray Hurst John
      >Wiley & Sons 2001
      >Analysis and Design of Integrated Circuit-Antenna Modules K.C. Gupta
      >John Wiley & Sons 2000
      >Application Specific Integrated Circuits Michael John Sebastian Smith
      >Addison Wesley 2004
      >Asic and FPGA Verification Munden Elsevier Science & Technology Books
      >ATM Signalling: Protocols and Practice Harmut Brandt ; Christian
      >Hapke John Wiley & Sons 2001
      >Automating Manufacturing Systems with PLCs Hugh Jack  2003
      >Basics of PLCs Step 2000 Siemens
      >Building Embedded Linux Systems Karim Yaghmour O¨reilly 2003
      >Building Wireless Community Networks Rob Flickenger O´reilly
      >Carbon Nanotubes Richard E. Smalley
      >Characterization of Nanophase Material Zhong Lin Wang John Wiley &
      >Sons 2000
      >Circuit Design for RF Transceivers Domine Leenaerts Kluwer Academic
      >Publishers 2001
      >Complete Digital Design  Mark Balch Mc Graw Hill 2003
      >Computational Intelligence in Manufacturing Handbook Wang CRC Press
      >Computer-Aided Design Engineering and Manufacturing and Applications
      >Cornelius Leondes CRC Press 2002
      >Contemporary Logic Design Randy H. Katz Addison Wesley 1993
      >Continuous-Time Active Filter Design Deliyannis CRC Press 1999
      >Design and Development of Medical Electronic Instrumentation David
      >Prutchi John Wiley & Sons 2005
      >Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits Behazad Razavi Mc Graw Hill
      >Design of Analog Fuzzy Logic Controllers in CMOS Technologies Carlos
      >Dualibe ; Michel Verleysen Kluwer Academic Publishers
      >Device Modelling for analog and RF cmos circuit design Trond Ytterdal
      >John Wiley & Sons 2003
      >Digital Color Imaging Handbook Gaurav Sharma CRC Press 2003
      >Digital Communications Ian Glover Prentice Hall 2000
      >Digital Communications John Proakis
      >Digital Communications, Fundamentals and Applications Sklar Prentice
      >Hall 2001
      >Digital Communicatons Systems Peyton  Peebles Prentice Hall 1989
      >Digital Design Fundamentals Kenneth J. Breeding Prentice Hall 1992
      >Digital Design with CPLD Applications and VHDL Dueck Delmar
      >Digital Filter Designers Handbook C. Britton Rrabaugh Mc Graw Hill
      >Digital Integrated Circuit as Design Perpective Jan Rabaey
      >Digital Signal Processing White Delmar
      >Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Mark D. Birnbaum Prentice Hall
      >Electro-optics Handbook Ronald W.Waynant Mc Graw Hill 2000
      >Embedded Controller Hardware Design Ken Arnold LLH Technology
      >Publishing 2000
      >Engineers Mini-Notebook Forrest M Mims III Radio Shack
      >Everything you ever wanted to know about DVD Jim Taylor Mc Graw Hill
      >Fiber Optics Technician´s Manual Jim Hayes Delmar
      >Fundamentals of Semiconductors Peter Y.Yu Manuel Cardona Springer
      >Fundamentals of Telecommunications Roger L. Freeman John Wiley & Sons
      >Fundammentals of Light Microscopy and Electronic Imaging Douglas B.
      >Murphy John Wiley & Sons 2001
      >Fuzzy Control Systems Design and Analisys Kazuo Tanaka and HUA O.
      >WANG John Wiley & Sons 2001
      >GPS- Inertial Navigation and Integration Mohinder S. Grewal John
      >Wiley & Sons 2001
      >GSM and Personal Communications Handbook Siegmund M. Redl Artech
      >House 1998
      >Guide to Semiconductors Jim Turley Prentice Hall 2002
      >Handbook of Lasers Marvin J. Weber CRC Press 2001
      >Handbook of Multisensor Data Fusion David L. Hall CRC Press 2001
      >Handbook of Nanoscience Engineering and Technology William A. Goddard
      >III CRC Press 2002
      >Handbook of Sensor Networks: Compact Wireless and Wired Sensing
      >Systems Mohammad Ilyas and Imad Magoub CRC Press 2005
      >Integrated Electronics; Analog and Digital Circuits and Systems Jacob
      >Millman Mc Graw Hill
      >Integration and Automation of Manufacturing Systems Hugh Jack
      >Introducction to RF Equipment and system design Pekka Eskelien Artech
      >House 2004
      >Introduction to 3G Mobile Communications Juha Korhonen Artech House
      >Introduction to Boiinformatics Arhur M. Lesk Oxford University Press
      >Introduction to GPS The Global Positioning System Ahmed El-Rabbany
      >Artech House 2002
      >Introduction to nMOS and CMOS VLSI System Design Amar Mukherjee
      >Prentice Hall 1986
      >Introduction to Robotics, Mechanics and control John J.Craig Pearson
      >Introductory Robotics J.M. Selig Prentice Hall 1992
      >ITV Handbook Edward M. Schawalb Prentice Hall 2003
      >JPEG2000 Standard for Image Compression Concepts, Algorithms and VLSI
      >Architectures Tinku Achara ; Ping-Sing Tsai John Wiley & Sons 2005
      >Logic Design for Array-Based Circuits: A Structured Design
      >Methodology white Elsevier Science & Technology Books 1999
      >Low -Voltage CMOS VLSI Devices and Circuits James B. Kuo, Shin- Chia
      >Lin John Wiley & Sons 2001
      >Low-Power VLSI Design: An Overview Dr. Mohammed Ismail The Ohio State
      >University 1997
      >Microelectronics Pcb Soldering
      >Modern Communication Circuits Smith Mc Graw Hill 1997
      >Modern Control Technology : Components and Systems Kilian Delmar 2nd
      >Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives Bimal K. Bose Prentice Hall
      >Multicarrier Techniques for 4G Mobile Shinsuke Hara Artech House 2003
      >Multiple Access Protocols for Mobile Communications GPRS ,UMTS and
      >Beyond Alex Brand/ Hamid Aghvami John Wiley & Sons 2002
      >Nanostructured Materials Processing, Properties and Potencial
      >Applications Carl C. Koch Willian Andrew 2002
      >Nanotechnology Applications Guide Accelrys
      >Neural and Fuzzy Logic Control of Drives and Power Systems M.N
      >Cirstea, A.Dinu, J.G. Khor Newnes 2002
      >Noise Reduction Techniques in Electronic Systems Henry W Ott John
      >Wiley & Sons 1998
      >Open Source Robotics and Process Control Cookbook Lewin A.R.W Edwards
      >Newnes 2005
      >Optical Filter Design And Analysis Christi K. Madsen John Wiley &
      >Sons 1999
      >PCB Designer´s SI Guide  V ramanan
      >PDA Robotics using your personal digital assistant to control your
      >Robot Doug Williams Mc Graw Hill 2003
      >PIC Microcontroller Nebojsa Matic
      >Pic Microcontroller Project Book Alexander D. Poularikas Mc Graw Hill
      >PLL Performance Simulation and Design Dean Banerjee National
      >Semiconductor 1998
      >Power Supply Cookbook Marty Brown Newnes
      >Practical RF Circuit Design for modern Wireless System Rowan Gilmore
      >Artech House 2003
      >Programmable Controllers: Theory and Implementation L.A. Bryan
      >Industrial Text 1998
      >Programmables Logic Controllers: Programming Methods and Applications
      >John R. Hackworth Prentice Hall
      >Programming and customazing PIC controller Myke Predko Mc Graw Hill
      >Programming Embedded Systems Michael Barr O¨reilly 1999
      >Programming PIC Microcontrollers with PICBASIC Chuck Hellebuyck
      >Newnes 2003
      >QoS in Integrated 3G Networks Robert Lloyd Evans Artech House 2002
      >Radio Frecuency Circuit Design W. Allan Davis John Wiley & Sons 2001
      >Rapid Learning in Robotics Jorg Walter  1997
      >RF Microelectronics Behzad Razavi Prentice Hall 1998
      >Schaums Outline of Electronics Devices and Circuits Jimmie J. Cathey
      >Mc Graw Hill 2002
      >Schaums Outlines Digital Signal Processing Monsons H. Hayes Mc Graw
      >Hill 1999
      >Secrets of RF Circuit Design Joseph J. Carr Mc Graw Hill
      >Sensor Technology Handbook John Wilson Newnes 2005
      >Sensors in Intelligent Buildings O. Gassmann John Wiley & Sons
      >Sensors in Manufacturing H.K Tonshoff  John Wiley & Sons 2000
      >Signals and Systems Bernd Girod John Wiley & Sons 2001
      >Six Sigma for Electronic Design and Manufacturing Sammy G. Shina Mc
      >Graw Hill 2002
      >Smart Cards Manufacturing Yahya Haghiri John Wiley & Sons
      >Smart Cards The Developer´s Toolkit Sharlow Prentice Hall
      >Software Defined Radio For 3G Paul Burns Artech House 2002
      >Spice Aguide to Circuit Simulation and Analysis Using Pspice Paul W.
      >Tuinenga Prentice Hall 1993
      >Structure and Interpretation of Signals and Systems Edward A. Lee/
      >Pravin Varaiya Addison Wesley 2004
      >Switchmode Power Supply Handbook Keith Billings Mc Graw Hill 1989
      >Technology Trends in Wireless Comunications Ramjee Prasad Artech
      >House 2003
      >Telecommunication Circuit Design Patrick D. van der Puije John Wiley
      >& Sons 2001
      >Telecommunications a Begginer Guide Mitchell Moore Mc Graw Hill
      >Telecommunicatons Optimizations Heuristic & Adaptative Techiniques
      >David W Corne John Wiley & Sons 2000
      >The Applications of Programmable DSPs in Mobile Communicatons Alan
      >Gatherer ;Edgar Auslander John Wiley & Sons 2002
      >The art of Analog Layout Alan Hastings Prentice Hall 2001
      >The arts of Electronics Paul Horowitz Cambridge Press 1994
      >The Electrical Engineering Handbook Richard C. Dorf CRC Press 2000
      >The Handbook of formulas and Tables for Signal Processing Alexander
      >D. Poularikas CRC Press 1999
      >The handbook of Nanotechnology John C. Miller John Wiley & Sons 2004
      >The Illustrated Dictionary of Electronics Stan Gibilisco Mc Graw Hill
      >The Power Electronics Handbook Timothy L. Skvarenina CRC Press 2002
      >The Q intessential pic Sid Katzen Springer 2000
      >The RF and Microwave Circuit Design Cookbook Maas Artech House 1998
      >The RF and Microwave Handbook Golio, Mike CRC Press 2001
      >The science and technology of carbon nanotubes Tanaka Elsevier
      >Science & Technology Books
      >The telecommunications Handbook Ed. Kornel Terplan ; Patricia
      >Morreale CRC Press 2000
      >The VHDL Cookbook Peter J Ashenden
      >Theory and Design of Electrical and Electronic Circuits Tait
      >Theory of Modern Electronic Semiconductor Kevin F Brennan John Wiley
      >& Sons 2002
      >Three-Dimensional Holographic Imaging Chung J. Kuo /Meng Hua Tsai
      >John Wiley & Sons 2002
      >Total Area Networking ATM,IP,Relay and SMDS Explained John Atkins/
      >Mark Norris John Wiley & Sons 1999
      >Traceable Temperature J. V. Nicholas D.R White John Wiley & Sons 2001
      >Ultra wideband Signals and systems in communications engineering M.
      >Ghavami John Wiley & Sons 2004
      >Understanding Digital Signal Processing Ricarhd G. Lyons Prentice
      >Hall 2001
      >USB System Architecture Don Anderson Addison Wesley 2001
      >Verilog HDL : A Guide to Digital Design and Synthesis Samir Palnitkar
      >Prentice Hall
      >Verilog HDL Synthesis a Practical Primer J. Bhasker Star Galaxy
      >Publishing 1998
      >VHDL Programming by Example Douglas L. Perry Mc Graw Hill 2002
      >VLSI Design Techniques for Analog and Digital Circuits Randall l.
      >Geiger Mc Graw Hill 1990
      >Voice User Interface Design Micheal H. Cohen Addison Wesley 2004
      >What is Lean Six Sigma Mike George Mc Graw Hill
      >What is six sigma Daniel L Quinn
      >Wireless Communication Systems: Advanced Techniques for Signal
      >Reception Xiaodong Wang; H. Vincent Poor John Wiley & Sons 2003
      >Thank you

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