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  • Jack Emery
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         I Change Electrolytic Capacitors in Color TV/Computer Monitors/Audio Amplifiers/Power Supplies, etc. ESR Equivalent Series Resistance ( Because of HEAT, Being Next to High Wattage Resistors or Hours of Enclosed HOT Temperature./Long Storage in hot Areas ). Capacitor Value usually is OK. Its Like a High Resistance or open Circuit. In Vertical Circuits You loose Size, May be Squezzed, retrace lines. Caps are Nickel/Dime. I Fix & Get extra TVs for Family & Sell. I Use ESR Tester. Can use a Scope with a Cheaap Curve Tracer Circuit. In Computer Monitors Bad ESR Caps Cause Video Distortion. I Fixed a Computer Power Supply with TWO Bad ESR Caps & Made a $50 Profit. I've Fixed 2 Color Tv's 27" with Only 1 Bad ESR Cap, The Big One in the Low Volt Supply, or off FlyBack Power Supply. Love those Jobs. Electrolytic Caps are Not Restorable with Temp or Charge. Physical Makeup by Machine Limits Disassembly of Elect caps. The Few We tried to Zap that Worked May not have had Bad ESR. ( Pulled & Guessed Bad ). We Save the old bad caps with bad ESR for Student Testing with Meter or Scope or Hi RES Meter sometimes. Our Haaam Club Has had Severaaal Guys Try to get a Baad ESR Cap Working, But NO One Claimed a Winning Answer ( Sorry ) LED Giant Jack

      I understand that electrolytic capacitors

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