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Goran Vlaski's Software Page

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  • Nicolae Sfetcu
    Goran Vlaski s Software Page SimCard Editor for Kids 2.01 (Goran Vlaski) SimCard Editor, edit Phonebook, SMS, . and other Files. Now supporting Simcard
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2001
      Goran Vlaski's Software Page  

      SimCard Editor for Kids 2.01 (Goran Vlaski) SimCard Editor, edit Phonebook, SMS, … and other Files.
      Now supporting Simcard reformating

      , you can change file size, record number, file attributes, …

      Die Geldkarte 1.01 (Goran Vlaski) displays all interresting Infos from a German "Geldkarte" , a T=1 Cashcard.

      Amateur Radio/Reciever

      UNI-Clone - Universal clone utility v1.00 ( Goran Vlaski ) , generic Clone utility, YAESU VX1 ...
      ftp://ftp.funet.fi/pub/ham/rigctrl/ a collection of Software for YAESU,ICOM,KENWOOD, ...
      Otto (Mike) the data manager for your Scout or Xplorer !
      Soft-Rep ( Goran Vlaski ) Software repeater
      ActiveRadio (Mike) AR8000, FT-8500, ..., Memory Management, Spectrum Scope, ...
      AOR8200 Frequency Audio Snapper (Mike Hoehn)
      AOR8200 Memory Manager (Mike Hoehn)
      AOR8200 Activity Catcher (Mike Hoehn)
      ARC8000 (Gommert Buysen), memory management, Spectrumscope, ... for the AR8000
      RadioManager (Ben Saladino) AR2700,AR8000,AR8200, generic ICOM, Scout, ...
      DJX10SW for the DJ-X10 (Bruce A. Pope)
      Amreg IC-706, IC-706MKII, IC756, IC-821
      CI-V Explorer (AA6YQ) a Win9X/NT program to display and save CI-V messages
      IC-R10 Joost van Stuyvenberg's page, the best page for the IC-R10, CS-R10 (ICOM)
      IC-R2 Programming utility 1.01 ( Goran Vlaski )
      IC-Q7 Programming utility 1.05 ( Goran Vlaski ), Wide RX 0-30MHz, Adjustment mode, ...
      IC-Clone - ICOM clone utility v1.00 ( Goran Vlaski ) , all ICOM's IC-T8, IC-T81, IC-R2, IC-Q7 ...
      TH-G71 ( Kenwood ftp server )
      TM-G707 ( Kenwood ftp server )
      TM-V7 ( Kenwood ftp server )
      FT50 Manager v0.99beta ( Goran Vlaski ), Software mods included
      FT50/VX1 Programming for LINUX ( Riku Kalinen ), Sources included
      FT50/VX1 Programming for DOS (Riku Kalinen / Frank Pliquett)
      FT Manager (F6DEX) FT-736,FT-757,FT-840,FT-847,FT-890,FT-900,FT-980,FT-990,FT-1000
      VX1R Manager v1.00 ( Goran Vlaski ), Software mods
      VX5R Programming Software (Edward T. Grant and Jose.R. Camara), Software mods included

      GSM ModemEmulator/PhoneBookEditor
      Ericsson (Spinellis) GH-388 Programming Software
      EricssonHomeServiceSoftwar 1.8 (Daniel Henzulea), Configuration for 3xx,6xx,7xx,8xx, IMEI, EEPROM, Locks
      EricssonServiceSoftware 2.01 (M.Kozielski) Ericsson Phone config,, EEPROM backup, Unlock, …
      Gnokii (Steffan Ulfberg,Hugh Blemings) SoftModem, tools, drivers for Nokia Phones for Linux, BSD, Unix
      NetMonitor (Foot) Nokia NetMonitor activator
      Panasonic G450,G500,G520,G600 Configuration Software
      Samsung SGH600 Configuration Software
      S10M (N.Hüttisch) Monitor Mode on the PC for S10, S11, E11, C10, C11, CMDX2000, Nokia 61xx
      Siements S6,S8,C10,C25 Configuration Software
      S25Explorer Phonebook, SMS, … and a lot more.
      VBTERM (Tyto) PhoneBook and SMS Editor for Nokia Phones (Spanish and English)


      CASIF/Win (IMSL) for almost all SF and CSF Casio organizers
      Link 1.00 (Casio) for Casio Calculator FX-7400G, CFX-9850G, CFX-9930GT, FX-9700GE, CFX-9800G

      PIC/EEPROM/MCU Programmer , …

      MagneticStripeCardReader (Goran Vlaski) Supports ALFA and BCD Character set, 75 and 210 BPI, any Track
      PC-Thermometer (Alberto Ricci Bitti) Temperature monitoring,-20 to +125, needs only a DS1621 (2.50$) sensor.
      PIC Utils (Jens Madsen) for various PIC's and EEPROMS
      PIP02 Programmer (Silicon Studio) for almost all PIC's and EEPROM's
      PIX Programmer (Bengt Lindgrens) for the 16C84 and 24C16
      PicProg 0.6 (Tord Andersson) PIC16C84 Programmer for Windows
      PonyProg (Claudio Lanconelli) AT90S1200, AT90S2313, AT90S2343, AT90S4414, AT90S8515, AVRmega, AT89S8252, AT89S53, SDE2516, SDE2526, SDA2546, SDA2586, SDA3546, SDA3586, SDE2506, I2C eeproms (24xxx), MicroWire eeproms (93xxx), SPI eeproms (25xxx), PIC16X84, …
      UniversalChipExplorer Beta3 (Goran Vlaski) Read/Write
      - Async. SmartCards T=0 (6805,8051,ST16CF54,…) like GSM SimCards, …
      - Sync. TeleCards(SLE4406/443x/553x),I2C,2-wire(SLE4432/42),3-wire(SLE4418/28),Microwire(93C06/46)
      - Serial Eeprom's I2C(24Cxx), Microwire(93Cxx), SPI(25xxx),
      - Parallel Eprom 27Cxxx, EEprom 28Cxxx, Flash Eeprom 28Fxxx, 29Fxxx,
      - MicroChip PIC's 12C508(A), 12C509(A), 12C671, 12C672, 16C505, 16C554(A), 16C556A, 16C558(A),
      - 16C61, 16C62, 16C62A(B), 16C620(A), 16C621(A), 16C622(A), 16C63, 16C64, 16C64A, 16C641,
      - 16C642, 16C65, 16C65A(B), 16C66, 16C661, 16C662, 16C67, 16C71, 16C710, 16C711, 16C715,
      - 16C72(A), 16C73, 16C73A(B), 16C74, 16C74A(B), 16C76, 16C77, 16C773, 16C774, 16F83, 16C84,
      - 16F84, 16F873, 16F874, 16F876, 16F877, 16C923, 16C924

      SmartCard Emulation

      ASIM the best GSM SmartCard Emulator for the PC, Sources included (The Android)
      Bynaview Irdeto Emulator
      Decrypt Videocrypt/EuroCrypt/MPEG2 Emulator
      IrdetoEmulator0.94 (H9000) Irdeto logger/emulator
      MacLog SmartCard logger, Sources in VB included.
      SIM_SIM GSM SmartCard Emulator (ChaosComputerClub)
      Sim_Pic (Ronny Stern) Emulates a GSM SmartCard (inc. A3A8) using a WaferCard (PIC16X84 Card)
      TestCard (Ronny Stern) Emulates a Motorolla GSM TestCard using a WaferCard (PIC16X84 Card)
      TeleCards_part1 part2 (from Phrack magazine) Emulates a PhoneCard using a WaferCard (PIC16X84 Card)
      Voyager Videocrypt/EuroCrypt/MPEG2 Emulator (William Jansen)
      XS4U Irdeto logger/emulator

      SmartCard Edit/Read/Write 

      Cardmaster (TvForFree) Irdeto Card Activator
      CardDevil for DOS (Card Devil) Smartcard explorer.
      Cardem (JC) Send commands to smartcards and examine the results
      CardExplorer (The Blob) Send commands to smartcards and examine the results
      Cop Utils (Bengt Lindgrens) COP-read, COP-write, COP-id and COP-verify.
      EZ-Formatter (SmartDynamics) for CryptoFlex,CyberFlex,MultiFlex,PayFlex, … and more. (driver maki.rdc)
      Gsm_Hack (ChaosComputerClub) GSM D2 Ki extractor for Linux.
      ReaderSer for DOS (Stephane Bausson & Goran Vlaski ) Read/Write Phonecards
      SCAM for LINUX (Tim TimeWaster) SmartCardAnalyser&Manipulator, for GSM ...
      GSM Explorer for DOS 2.01 ( Goran Vlaski ), Read/Write: GSM and other SmardCards
      MacTalk,MakSmart SmartCard explorer/logger/manipulator and more, Sources included.
      PhoneFileLight (Pipistrel) SimCard PhoneBook editor.
      SCEZ (Matthias Bruestle) SmartCard Library, T=0, T=1, Sources included …
      Sio/Stest - (Tim Hudson), Smartcard Read/Write, GSM ...
      SimCard Editor for Kids 2.00 (Goran Vlaski) SimCard Editor, edit Phonebook, SMS, ReFormat Simcard
      SimScan (Dejan Kaljevic) GSM SmartCard analyzer and Ki extractor.
      StealthX Smartcard analyser
      TFK_DIN(5) (ChaosComputerClub) Read/Write Phonecards
      WinExplorer (Dexter) Smartcard explorer
      Win-Phoenix (Paul Arnold) Program COP and MM2 cards eeprom from within Windows.
      UniversalChipExplorer Beta3 (Goran Vlaski) Read/Write
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