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Re: Intro and a request for suggestions (kind of long, sorry)

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    Hi Hugh, I don t see any problems with your basic idea, I wouldn t worry about whether or not the relays are connected to negative or ground to switch them (as
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 1, 2004
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      Hi Hugh,
      I don't see any problems with your basic idea, I wouldn't worry about
      whether or not the relays are connected to negative or ground to
      switch them (as long as you make sure you insulate ALL the contacts).
      My concerns would be as follows:

      (1) The top hat switch on joysticks is meant to be used indoors on
      consumer electronics. If it sits outside in the rain or gets dirt
      dumped on it it may malfunction. You might consider going to an
      industrial supplier for the switches that are used for overhead
      hoists; these switches have a similar configuration and are
      weatherproofed. You could also use a joystick from a commercial video
      game. These joysticks are really beefy and have four contacts (front,
      back, left, right).

      (2) Some type of circuit to prevent events from happening that
      shouldn't go together (maybe bucket down, dump?). You might be able
      to use a second set of contacts in the relay for this. Might be a
      good idea to work out a truth table for all events just to be on the
      safe side.


      --- In home_electronics@yahoogroups.com, "Hugh" <hmhumes@a...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > My name is Hugh and I've just joined this group. I searched the
      > archives for an answer but came up empty. Here's what I'm trying
      > do.
      > I have a garden tractor that has a small front end loader (dump
      > bucket) on it. The bucket kit came with a toggle switch that is
      > used to control an electric actuator that raises and lowers the
      > bucket and a seperate rocker switch that is used to control a small
      > 12V winch that dumps the bucket and resets the bucket. Both of
      > these switches simply reverse the polarity on the two wires that go
      > to the actuator (or winch).
      > I want to take a 4-way hat switch, that thing under your thumb on
      > the top of a joystick, and use it to control four 12V/30A SPDT
      > relays that in turn control the actuator and the winch.
      > forward = down, back = up, left = dump bucket, right = reset
      > center = null
      > I already know how to wire up the the relays to do what I want.
      > prefer to have the hat switch sending ground to the relays but if I
      > have to I can wire the relays to accept a 12V input instead. I've
      > never taken a joystick apart to see how a hat switch is wired and I
      > don't have one handy. Next time I get to town I'm going to see if
      > can find one in a thrift shop or maybe the local computer repair
      > shop has some sitting in their scrap box.
      > Will this idea work? Can the hat switch be wired so negative can be
      > sent to the relays or will I need some sort of interface (logic
      > circuit perhaps) between the hat switch and the relays?
      > Here's a link to a tractor forum where I've been discussing this.
      > There are some pics and further explanation that might clarify what
      > I'm attempting to do.
      > l (Don't forget the last "l" in html when you cut & paste)
      > Thanks for any suggestions/commments you can share.
      > Hugh
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