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Re: Stacked OTA's or side by side?

I have 3 OTA’s (10” SCT, 6” AP, 3” Orion) on a Paramount (side by side) using a Casady Triad Bar – however I don’t think he is making them anymore.
Sep 8

Re: Stacked OTA's or side by side?

Hi Chris, It seems to me that you could treat your OTA package as a combined aperture of 16" diameter, as you suggest. That leaves 10" of leeway in your 26"
Kent DeGroff
Sep 8

Stacked OTA's or side by side?

Hello. I have a question regarding dual OTA setups. Not sure if this is the proper forum to start with, but here goes... I have an Exploradome 8' that is
Sep 8

Re: Having trouble connecting SkyX with DDW.

Hi Neyle, In the SkyX, go to the mount setup tab. There you can choose where you want to save the file. Cheers, sjg
Sep 5

Having trouble connecting SkyX with DDW.

New to the group. Where in SkyX Pro directory will I find the correct txt file to use under Telescope Slaving->Use SkyX Telescope Log? Thanks, neyle
Sep 3

Re: RoboFocus

Bill, There has been little if any discussion about the Robofocus on this group. My guess is there are few people who own one that also have a home dome (main
Dave Lane
Jun 23


Anyone have any suggestions on problem solving why my RF is giving no response to the computer? Buttons and hand control still move the focuser. COM port is
Bill Gardner
Jun 21
May 3

Re: Stretch Spring on my Homedome shutter closure.

I had a similar problem. I went to one of the big box hardware stores and bought a pair of springs of similar size to the original. They've been working fine.
May 3

Re: Stretch Spring on my Homedome shutter closure.

Donn, Technical Innovations has never participated in this forum (I don't even know if they read these messages). Its a shame really as their is no other such
Dave Lane
May 3

Stretch Spring on my Homedome shutter closure.

I have an ES-10 on my Homedome. During an ice store this winter, I accidently stretched the front cable tensioning spring. [The spring closest to the shutter
May 2

Re: Dome isn't tracking

The interlock could be intermittently causing a disconnect however I just talked to jerry and he didn't think that was it. I am going to move those contacts
May 2

Re: Dome isn't tracking

Hopefully, Jerry can you help you track it down. I think if you hear the 'click' when the command is sent, you know it got to the controller. At that point,
May 2

Re: Dome isn't tracking

You're right, the original manual outlined the dip settings, however the default setting I had was for 3 deg. Jeremy had me change it to 2 deg. not sure if
May 2

Re: Dome isn't tracking

Thanks Bruce, I think that may be the culprit ..The manual on how the switches are to be set up are a little cryptic to me. I talked to Jeremy this AM and will
May 1
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