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Jan 3

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  • russophile2002 <jeromeleo@earthlink.net>
    +PAX Prayers, please for Br. John Anderl, who died and for his grieving brother, Fr. Henry. Also for Don Harris father, who is elderly and hospitalized, for
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      Prayers, please for Br. John Anderl, who died and for his grieving
      brother, Fr. Henry. Also for Don Harris' father, who is elderly and
      hospitalized, for Adrienne, who has brain cancer, and for Meg, who
      lost twins, one died in utero and the other could not survive
      premature birth.

      A bit of wonderful trivia. Pat Ciavarella wrote to the Poor Clare
      Collettines in WALES, asking for prayers for Brother Bernard. The
      Clares answered that BB must be well-loved, as they had already
      gotten several requests! Deo gratias!!!


      January 3, May 4, September 3

      And the Lord, seeking his laborer
      in the multitude to whom He thus cries out,
      says again,
      "Who is the one who will have life,
      and desires to see good days" (Ps. 33:13)?
      And if, hearing Him, you answer,
      "I am the one,"
      God says to you,
      "If you will have true and everlasting life,
      keep your tongue from evil
      and your lips that they speak no guile.
      Turn away from evil and do good;
      seek after peace and pursue it" (Ps. 33:14-15).
      And when you have done these things,
      My eyes shall be upon you
      and My ears open to your prayers;
      and before you call upon Me,
      I will say to you,
      'Behold, here I am'" (Ps. 33:16; Is. 65:24; 58:9).

      What can be sweeter to us, dear ones,
      than this voice of the Lord inviting us?
      Behold, in His loving kindness
      the Lord shows us the way of life.


      This is perhaps my all-time favorite reading from the Holy Rule. Then
      gentle, loving tenderness of both the Divine Merciful Christ and our
      holy Father Benedict are here in abundance. One is tempted to merely
      bask in the warmth, rather than write, but I will try to write!

      Lest any of us (which, as the Holy Rule would say, God forbid,) tend
      to pride at undertaking the monastic way, this one deflates that
      balloon in a hurry. Christ seeks US. What mercy! Our very being is
      nothing but an act of His love and mercy, all that we have is His
      love and His mercy, yet, on top of all that, He seeks US! We're
      talking God here, not some other created being. We're talking the
      Alpha and Omega, end all and be all, the First Cause, you name it.
      The very force of life and light and truth and love and mercy in the
      cosmos, before all time, names us, knows us and calls us.

      He ALREADY calls us His laborers, even before we answer. He knows
      intimately and well, from personal experience, the fouled up chaotic
      mess in which we lived. He has lived in it, too. he tenderly calls us
      to "true and everlasting life" and assures us that He knows the way.
      In fact, He *IS* the Way!

      I can gush a bit writing about the Prologue, so indulge me here as I
      do so. Beloveds, for so you are to me, our fractured hearts and sin-
      veiled eyes just cannot see the way, nor can we name the hurts or
      their cures well. God and God alone can pierce that darkness and He
      offers to do so before we even ask. This is awesome grace, this is
      enough for a lifetime's meditation on humility. Hard things to come
      in the struggle are real, but their harshness is in some way
      illusory: "Behold, in His loving-kindness, the Lord shows us the way
      of life."

      It is solely because of heaven and Christ for all eternity that every
      suffering, every cross can be diminished into absolute nothingness by
      the greatness of the reward. Yes, He shows us the way to life, but,
      as a wonderfully Dominican Doctor of the Church, St. Catherine of
      Siena, taught us: "All the way to Heaven *IS* Heaven, because He
      said: 'I am the Way.' "

      Love and prayers,
      Jerome, OSB
      jeromeleo@... St. Mary's Monastery Petersham, MA
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