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The Three Most Important Things

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  • Jerry Lee
    +PAX Tom of RC, a Monastic Life list member, asked me the kind of question I LOVE to answer: What are the three most important things you have learned in 55
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      Tom of RC, a Monastic Life list member, asked me the kind of question I LOVE to answer: "What are the three most important things you have learned in 55 years?" Eager to start thinking, I mused that this would take a while to ponder. To my surprise and relief, it did not at all. Less than a minute or so, literally.

      I tell you all the three most important things I have learned every single day, at the end of the prayer requests. God's will is best. All is mercy and grace. God is never absent.

      Without these three truths, my life would have no meaning or purpose whatever. They have dawned on me only partially as yet, and quite lately, comparatively speaking. Still, I struggle now to try more each day to see everything and every event through their perfect lenses of truthfulness.

      God's will is best. He wills that all people be saved. Every single confluence in our lives with that Will advances its fruition in salvation by the quickest ( and often most irritating!) way. Every single one. Every seeming disaster is just that: seeming, a bad dream by a mistaken child fitfully asleep. My sleeping child has usually been neither too bright, nor too trusting!

      All is mercy and grace. I have spent most of my life trying to be brave about getting THROUGH a lot of stuff, rarely unscathed and often by the skin of my teeth. If I was thankful for anything, it was that things weren't worse and that I had somehow survived. No more. Now I haltingly begin on the higher road of gratitude, deep, deep gratitude for every blessing and every rejection, for every single person that loved me or didn't, for all who sought to help or sought to harm. Without any single minute instance of all those people and events over all those years, I would not be exactly who I am today. Who I am is no great shakes, but it is a place to start work from, and I would have a very different place were it not for ALL those experiences. All is truly mercy and grace. All.

      God is never absent. And He never was. I was. Lots. Still am lots of the time. I have to learn to be more present to Him Whose Love has never failed me, even for an instant, ever.

      So there's my answers, Tom, to your welcome question. I have another meditation that I hope to write later, really an expansion of the "All is mercy and grace" part, but I didn't want to make TOO big a deal of my natal feast! Thanks, by the way to all who DID make a big deal of it. I was warmed by all your love and prayers and greetings and swam in a day of wondrous gratitude that was just perhaps the deepest I have ever known thus far- though I am ready and willing to top the record later on if God allows!!

      Love and prayers,

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